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Affordable Honeymoon Destinations

Posted by admin November - 24 - 2010 - Wednesday ADD COMMENTS

A married couple must enjoy their first marriage with honeymoon. Without honeymoon, the marriage will be not meaningful. To all the married couple out there, they have to spend their leisure time after they get married to go to the beautiful and interesting places so that the prince and the princess can enjoy and spend their romantic time together without any interuption. When they go for honeymoon, they will remembered the most meaningful time in their life which they spend together with love.Moreover,when they getting old,the memory of their honeymoon will keep fresh in their mind.This memory will make the couple more closer and closer.The prince and the princess can choose which places in this world to go for the honeymoon.They can choose the trip package which they think affordable for them.Besides,they can go to various travel tour agencies to make the survey for the honeymoon package that suits for them. After being tired in their wedding day, they deserve a relaxing vacation. But if their budget is not enough to go for an expensive honeymoon,they can try to consider some of these inexpensive alternatives that offer the same intimate experience without the big price.

kaui hawaii - affordable honeymoon place

Kauai, Hawaii

These are some of the affordable honeymoon destination which the married couple can choose to complete their desired to go for the honeymoon. The first affordable honeymoon destination is Kauai, Hawaii. For those on a tight honeymoon budget, a tropical escape to Hawaii can be an inexpensive alternative to other beach destinations. Kauai particularly is a good bet considering the number of inexpensive hotels and inns. Bonus,while in Hawaii, the bulk of your expenses will very likely be food as what more do you need than the pristine beaches and a charming town to stroll around? You can also find great deals on airfare to Hawaii by looking on-line and flying off-season.

The second affordable honeymoon destination is Caribbean/Fiji/Virgin Islands/Jamaica. Thanks to all-inclusive resorts, the island getaways have become much more affordable for honeymooners. With planning, the budget conscious can get a great deal on an air and hotel package through companies such as Sandals, Couples and Beaches. Most packages include meals, lodging and some activities. An added bonus, with many all-inclusive resorts that cater to honeymooners, the resorts are adults-only and offer receptions where you can meet other couples and make new friends.

Pocono, Pennsylvania

The third affordable honeymoon vacation is The Pocono’s, Pennsylvania. There is a reason why for years, couples have headed to the Pocono Mountains for a romantic getaway. Ideal for the nature-loving couple, The Pocono’s offers skiing, fishing, hiking, camping and even boating in its more than 150 lakes and seven state parks. Establishing The Pocono’s as a honeymoon destination, several all-inclusive resorts now provide couples the ultimate place to stay with heart-shaped, or even champagne-shaped and tubs.

Key West, FLorida

The fourth affordable places for honeymoon destination is Key West, Florida. There a reason Hemingway call Key West home. You cannot help but be inspired by the stretches of the pure sand and the serenity of the Atlantic. Key West is a quaint town that offers an old town area ideal for leisurely shopping, dining and sightseeing.  This is a great destination for those who have one honeymoon objective which is for relaxation.

washington dc - affordable honeymoon place

Washington DC

The fifth affordable honeymoon destination is Washington, DC.  Surprised to see the nation’s capitol on the list? The history of DC alone is enough to make this a place with plenty to do, and since many of the attractions in this town cost little or nothing to see, DC is an inexpensive destination that can be extraordinarily romantic.It is easy to find relatively inexpensive lodging, and once you are there, you can fill your days with strolling around Capitol Hill, the Smithsonian Institute the National Zoo and add a little shopping at the Eastern Market. With so many of the nation’s most influential people calling DC home, you can bet there are plenty of excellent dining and always something exciting to see.

lake tahoe nevada - affordable honeymoon place

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

The sixth affordable honeymoon destination is Lake Tahoe, Nevada. In winter, a spectacular place for skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, during the summer Lake Tahoe provides plenty of sunshine and fun in the water. For the couple that enjoys the outdoors, Tahoe is the place to go for an inexpensive honeymoon. When the sun goes down, head to the hotel casinos to enjoy the nightlife. Tahoe offers plenty of big chain hotels to choose from as well as smaller bed and breakfasts to best suit your budget.

The seventh affordable honeymoon destination is Cruising. If you are like many people, you probably think that taking a cruise is beyond your means.It is not like that. Many Cruise lines offer inexpensive packages that make this a great way to enjoy your honeymoon. To save money, look into an exciting Alaskan cruise. Other options include the Caribbean, Florida Keys or Mexican Riviera. Cruises offer so many activities, plus you will get to experience a variety of towns when you dock.

The eighth affordable honeymoon vacation is at Tucson, AZ. They be hard pressed to find sunsets as rich and colorful as those that delight desert dwellers practically every night. Planning a honeymoon in Tucson is not only budget friendly, but also they practically guaranteed sunny weather. Tucson has a number of inexpensive chain hotels and resorts to suit a variety of budgets. The city offers plenty of outdoor activities including hiking and biking and do not forget to indulge in some truly authentic Sonoran Mexican dishes at a number of local restaurants. Just a short drive away, head to the towns along the Mexican border where you will find great deals on hand-carved furniture, handmade blankets, art and much more..

Furthermore,married couple can also visits Wine Country, CA. Rolling hills,vineyards that seem to go on forever, amazing cuisine in Wine Country.Wine Country, CA is also a romantics dream for the newly married couple. The countryside is an expanse of vineyards run by some of the best-known names in wine. Here, the most money they spend will likely be on a place to stay if they choose one of the dozens of bed and breakfasts. For the truly budget conscious, get a room in nearby Santa Ana and enjoy the daily picturesque 30 to 45 minute drive to Sonoma. Each day, pick from the dozens of wineries to visit and enjoy free wine tastings, tours and more. It does not take long to also find some exquisite restaurants where renowned chefs prepare amazing meals that complement the areas wines. If they can afford a few extras, try taking the Napa wine train tour or even book theirself for a hot air balloon ride over Wine Country.

Moreover,the prince and princess can go to Las Vegas, NV. Where else can you get an all you can eat breakfast buffet for only 99 cents? Vegas is home to cheap eats, and free drinks while you are playing nickel slots. If you are not a gambler,you can still enjoy the sites and people as they walk from one mega casino hotel to another. If they do not want to spend the $50 to $150 per person to take in a show catch one of the freebies,the dancing fountains at Bellagio or the new TI show at Treasure Island. Cheap gambling can be found at the nearby Fremont Street Experience. In Vegas, there are rooms for every budget and a buffet for every taste.

Besides, they can try to go to New York, NY. Do not consider New York a romantic honeymoon spot? Just one visit to this city that never sleeps in the winter when Rockefeller Center is alive with ice skaters, when snow covers Central Park, and when shops are dolled up for the holidays. While New York can be a pricey vacation spot, planning ahead can save you big bucks on airfare and lodging. Plus, keep in mind that some of the best New York has to offer comes free for people watching from the patio of café, sightseeing and of course, picnics in Central Park.

Then,married couple can go to Hilton Head, SC. Quiet beaches and amazing seafood are just some of the reasons Hilton Head is a vacation wonderland for many. A quaint island, Hilton Head provides a romantic, relaxing and intimate location for a honeymoon you would not forget. Budget friendly, pick from a number of bed and breakfasts or do your homework and find a weekly beachfront vacation rental for your stay. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from and a variety of activities including biking paths all around the island. Consider a day trip to nearby Savannah where you can explore plantations or take a golf lesson at one of the dozens of golf courses in the area.

In addition,married couple can go to New Orleans, LA. From Mardi Gras to the annual Jazz Festival, New Orleans is a colorful town full of interesting personalities, history and rich culture. Experience Cajun cooking, take in historic estates and buildings and be a part of the energized night life that make this a one of a kind town that would not break the bank. While the French Quarter may not be the ideal area to stay in for honeymooners, New Orleans has its share of beautiful bed and breakfasts, inns and hotels for your stay

The other places that affordable for honeymoon destination is at Santa Fe, NM. Artisans and romantics have flocked to Santa Fe for years, for the picturesque setting as much as the spiritual aura this city seems to exude. In Santa Fe, couples can visit dozens of art galleries or if you time it right, an artisan fair where you will see breathtaking Southwestern paintings, sculptures and arts and crafts. At night, take in the flavors of the Southwest by dining in a New Mexican restaurant. Santa Fe also offers plenty of outdoor activities, so plan on getting plenty of fresh air in this inexpensive honeymoon hot spot.

Cancun, Mexico is also one of the affordable honeymoon destination .Yes, while Cancun can be a party spot for spring breakers, the rest of the year, this easygoing beach destination is a relaxing, indulgent and inexpensive place to spend time with your new spouse. Airfare to Cancun is fairly inexpensive, particularly from Los Angeles, Houston and Phoenix. Lodging options include all-inclusive resorts to budget beach accommodations. Food is relatively inexpensive, and there are plenty of cheap or free ways to spend your day,whether it is simply enjoying the beach or exploring the town. When it comes to picking out souvenirs, remember to haggle with the salespeople to get the best deal.

Then,married couple can go to San Francisco, CA. A city with as much character as San Francisco cannot help but attract honeymooners looking to stay busy without spending a ton of money. There are much to do in San Francisco, from walking the Golden Gate Bridge to a visit to Fisherman’s Wharf. Rent a car and take the spectacularly scenic drive along Highway 1 where the ocean and cliffs are so beautiful, they seem surreal. A week-long honeymoon would not cost you much in the City by the Bay, but it may not be long enough to experience everything this city has to offer, so do some research to make sure you get to see and do the things that most appeal to you.

British Columbia, Canada is also the suitable places that affordable for honeymoon destination. You do not have to fly across an ocean to experience a different culture. British Columbia is a stunning country with exquisite mountains and a fascinating history that makes it a prime location for weddings and honeymoons alike. If your budget is tight, you will appreciate the bed and breakfasts that offer decent nightly rates plus a delicious breakfast. Spend your days exploring the country’s history, art, shopping districts and of course, the outdoors. Take a railroad trip through the Canadian Rockies, take a horseback ride or just sit and enjoy the majestic views.

Another affordable honeymoon destination is at Denver, CO. Fresh air, gorgeous scenery and so many activities to choose.Denver is a budget conscious honeymooners delight. Downtown Denver is a hub of activity. Take in a football or baseball game, visit a museum or even the U.S. Mint, get some great food, have a drink and get in a little dancing and then call it a night at one of the areas historic hotels. The Mile High City is at the base of the spectacular Rocky Mountains, putting phenomenal skiing, hiking, biking, and more within a short drive.

Other affordable honeymoon destination that the married couple can go is Reno, NV. Where Reno lacks in the show and glitz of Las Vegas, it makes up for in alternatives to the casinos and nightlife. Reno has some of the leading names in terms of hotel casinos, but when you have had enough of the flashing lights, this mountain foothill destination has some amazing hiking trails, parks and wetlands to explore. Reno has a small town environment with enough variety to keep your honeymoon fun, and still inexpensive.Save even more cash by flying into Las Vegas and taking the less than two-hour drive to Reno, enjoying the high desert en route.

The last affordable destination is at Your Town, USA. A honeymoon is really about having time to connect as a newlywed couple, not about tropical beaches. There are plenty of couples that can attest to sharing an amazing time together without ever getting on a plane. Check out bed and breakfasts, inns or luxury hotels in your area or even just the next town over. Book the best room in the house for a long weekend, and never leave the room. Or spend some time lounging by the pool, taking walks or even seeing a tourist destination in your area that you may never have visited or have not been to in some time. With the money you do have for your honeymoon, call in room service or request a couples massage in your own room. Use this opportunity to really focus on being a new couples and no passports required.

Last but not least,a romantic honeymoon does not need to cost a too much. If you firstly planned,you can know whether you can afford the cost for the honeymoon destination or not.Thus,by choose the affordable honeymoon destination,you can save your money for other expenses without taking on a financial burden.Your honeymoon is a celebration of your new marriage, so, enjoy the time together and save the extravagance for your later wedding anniversary.You can afford your honeymoon destination.

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