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Beach vacation for winter

Posted by admin June - 2 - 2010 - Wednesday ADD COMMENTS

For person who loves to go vacation at the beach, it will be difficult during the winter months. This article will give you some tips if you insist of going on vacation during winter months. Below, are the resorts that offer a unique twist to your winter beach vacation.

Molokai Ranch and Lodge

    Guests will stay in comfortable unique tents at the Molokai because there have a white sand shore on the tiny Hawaiian island. The tents has double unit canvas bungalow sits on wooden platforms, offers queen size beds in one unit, twin beds in the other, solar powered lights and a private bathroom with hot water showers.

    The Molokai Ranch and Lodge offers over 54 000 acres including seaside cliffs with very lush valleys. Besides that, there also outdoor activities such as sea kayaking, cultural hikes, mountain biking and horseback rides. Furthermore, for the kids, there also the lodge offers nature walks, horse stables, tidal pools and Hawaiian arts and crafts.

    Grand Wailea Resort and Spa of Hawaii

      Big swimming pool was enough to make guests happy. Nowadays, resorts compete in water activities such as lagoons, waterfalls, water slides and even lazy rivers.

      The Grand Wailea Resort offers several attractions such as the 4580 square foot Hibiscus pool and the 25700 square foot Canyon Activity pool which is suitable for families.

      Atlantis Resort of the Bahamas

        In the Bahamas, you will find the amazing water fun department that is unique which is known as Atlantis Resort and Spa on Paradise Island. It has eleven swimming pools, Mayan Temple water slides and lazy river rides along the beach. It also come with package where include boasts an amazing marine habitat that more than 50 000 sea animals.

        Club Med Punta Cana

          At Club Med Punta Cana, there has all the perks of tropical resort plus stand out features that include kids programs and other attractions that make Club Med Punta Cana one of the most unique beach vacation spots in the entire world.

          Virgin Islands

            The Virgin Islands National Park has white sandy beaches that make it unique and a comfortable tent cottage. Same with the Molokai Ranch, the guest cottages are built on platforms and designed to be both attractive and comfortable. Each cottage will be provided with sleeping area, bed linen, towels, kitchen utensils, stove, ice cooler and even a private deck.

            Besides that, there also waters sports to play kayaking, wind surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Furthermore, there also an outdoor restaurant and a food store for those who want to cook from the privacy of their own room.

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