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Sydney Best Picnic Spots

Posted by admin January - 23 - 2011 - Sunday ADD COMMENTS

Picnic is a recreational activity often done by parents. It is because to strengthen their relationship with children. They so busy on work day so as not to spend time with their families on work day, they were encouraged to make this meaningful leisure activities on weekends. There are many picnic spots can be visited. Sydney is one of the overseas tourism destinations that the best to visit. If we asked the local people as well, one of the interesting places they want to visit is Sydney. In addition, they also will be interested to go on vacation in Paris, Switzerland and so on. Sydney has many attractions places can be visited. For example, picnic spots, buildings and many more. Among the best picnic sites to be visited in Sydney is the Strickland House, EG Waterhouse National Camellia Gardens, McKell Park, Blackwattle Bay Park and Wendy’s Secret Garden.

As a visitor, we must go picnic on Strickland House. It is the highest rating that visitor go there. One of the reasons is the grounds of this 1850s Harbourside villa is a top choice is it’s practically unknown beyond a few in-the-know Sydneysiders. Head to Carrara Road in Vaucluse and at the bottom of the tiny, steep laneway on the left, it is about three quarters along, you will see a sign for Heritage Foreshore Reserve, a narrow park that runs around the coastline from Rose Bay. Descend the stairs and at the forked path veer to the right. You will hit upon a set of stairs leading to the discreet Hermit Bay and further along Tingara Beach, but keep on until you reach the Strickland House grounds and a dazzling view of the harbour. Take a dip at Milk Beach or a walk all the way to Neilsen Park.

Second picnic spot that visitor have to visit is EG Waterhouse National Camellia Gardens. It is because there have a refreshing respite from the heat and hubbub of Carringbah traffic, this beautiful sanctuary is home to Australia’s largest collection of camellias. There are duck ponds, bridges, cascading water, an enclosed playground for kids and a teahouse. Besides that, the gardens began as a project under the 1970 Captain Cook Bicentenary program, with the first plantings in 1969. Named after the late Professor E.G Waterhouse, a leading authority on camellias, the Garden today is a tranquil oasis. This place open Monday to Friday at 9.00am to 4.00pm while weekends and Public Holidays operating at 9.30am to 5.00pm. EG Waterhouse National Camellia Gardens is closed on Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Third picnic spot that visitor have to visit is McKell Park. In this place visitor may find themselves an uninvited guest at one of the weekend weddings that take place here but don’t despair – there’s enough manicured grass for everyone. The Park commands unique views of Sydney Harbour and the heritage-listed Canonbury Cottage forms the centrepiece of the park. If the weather’s warm, take a swim in the harbour via the sandstone steps, and set the picnic basket on the green grass right on the water’s edge. In addition to that, there have many facilities such as manicured lawns, public ferry wharf, public toilets, sandstone sculptures and exotic garden. The park is a great place to relax, have a picnic, take in the harbour view, view harbour activities and having your special ceremony or wedding.

Other picnic spot can visitor visit is Blackwattle Bay Park. Blackwattle Bay was named in 1788 by boat parties sent from Sydney Cove to gather timber for hut building. The name came from the mistaken identification of a yellow-flowered tree which grew on the slopes of the bay. The Black Wattle tree was actually the Callicoma serratifolia not an Acacia, but subsequently the Acacia genus became known as wattles. The history of the bay is full of contrasting images. Sparkling creeks later became open sewers, and the mangrove shores ended up overflowing with offal and industrial waste. Elegant estates coexisted with timberyards, chemical works, and crowded slums. At Blackwattle Bay Park, visitor can lay out a rug and a spread and watch the sun set and the lights of Sydney’s CBD illuminate from this inner west picnic hideaway. Snaking along the shoreline all the way to the end of Johnson St in Annandale, this Glebe waterside park offers one of the best views of ANZAC Bridge. While visitor tucking into their picnic think to themselves, “I’m getting the same view as those sitting close by at the Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay restaurant, but without the bill”.

Last but not least, the picnic spot that visitor can go is Wendy’s Secret Garden. Like Strickland House, this Lavender Bay gem is known only to a handful of streetwise Sydneysiders. It was created by Wendy Whiteley, the widow of artist Brett Whiteley, the man who painted the ‘optical erotica’ of the harbour beyond the wasteland at the foot of his Lavender Bay home. The land was derelict, tangled and overgrown, full of broken bottles, rotting mattresses and rubbish, a dead-end dump for surplus trains and derelict humanity: the end of the line. When Brett died in 1992, the widowed Wendy Whiteley dug in and channeled her grief into the garden. Sixteen years on, a vast, enchanting corner of Sydney exists: natives, exotics, herbs and towering fig trees run along winding gully paths while parrots, gulls, kookaburras, owls and wagtails chatter amidst the flowers and berries. Tucked away in the shadow of soulless office towers, it looks like a private garden, and it is – a private paean to love and loss but one performed in a spirit of renewal and now, blessedly, shared with all of Sydney.

As a conclusion, there are many picnic spots in Sydney that we can be visited. Each picnic spot has its own privileges to attract visitors, regardless of whether it is from within or outside their country. Apart from Sydney, other countries will be visited, according citrarasa visitor’s taste. Malaysia also has places that can be visited, such as the island of Langkawi Island has many legendary stories related to the oaths of a woman named Mahsuri. Malacca is a historical state in which the commencement of diplomatic relations between the merchants from China and India. So, as a visitor you may choose whenever picnic spots you want.

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