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    Fly Malaysia Airlines… Get 2 Nights FREE in Malaysia!

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    fly malaysia airlines get 2 night free

    SHOWCASE MALAYSIA DREAM DEAL – Fly Malaysia Airlines… Get 2 Nights FREE in Malaysia!

    Book 2 Malaysia Airlines tickets to Malaysia and Beyond and get:-
    2 Nights Free* in a Category A hotels for Business Class tickets
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    Pulau Kapas Is A Must Visit Island. Have You Been Here?

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    Pulau Kapas -crystal clear water

    Kapas Island

    Have you been in Pulau Kapas? Pulau kapas one of the popular island located in Terengganu, Malaysia.  Pulau Kapas means Cotton Island in Malay and this peculiar name is attributed to the pure white beaches that are the trademark of this island. The name comes as no surprise once you have walked along these beaches: the sand is soft and white and slopes gently into the crystal clear water.

    How to get there?

    A taxi from Kuala Terengganu airport or the bus terminal costs RM 30.00 per cab for the journey to Marang Jetty. Boat transfer service may start as early as 7:00 and costs RM 25.00 per person (two way).
    There are several resorts to choose from on two beaches. Almost every resort has a dorm. They are all in walking distance of the pier.

    Where you can stay?

    Kapas Island Resort is near  the jetty and is the biggest and most luxurious resort. It has a small swimming pool. The resort has its own boat service to collect you from the mainland.

    Tuty Puri, is another luxury place with arguably the most of charm. It has standard rooms with a fan and the rooms have a shower. Also a Dorm. The hotel was built in 1993 and it is set on the prime beach in front of the beautiful white-sands of Pulau Kapas

    Beauty island Resort has bungalows with fan and shower. Also a dorm.

    Light House is more for the backpackers. It has a the relative isolation on a nice section of beach. Big wooden rooms.

    Zaki Beach Chalet is a medium sized resort. Good food.  What you may not like : the limited space, whether in the resort or the rooms.

    Mak Cik Gemuk a big resort. Off the beach and without charm. Rooms for up to three peoples.

    Kapas Garden Resort. A-Frame huts without fan but they have a shower. The Dutch owner has a relaxed bar. It’s a  small place usually busy with expatriates. The bungalows are correct.

    Things to do?

    This island is not commercial island. So, here not much you can do.  But Pulau Kapas popular is because of the excellent snorkelling in the waters surrounding the island. There is an abundance of corals and other marine life, visibility is good and the water is shallow and calm. Because the coral is mainly around the rocky edges of the island, you can still go swimming off the beautiful beaches, even at low tide.

    Touring the Mexican Jungle

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    If you like to have a vacation in Mexico, you will find an unlimited number of places to visit and unlimited number of activities to participate in. If you have never had the opportunity to visit Mexico before, you may be wondering what kind of activities are provided there. May be you want a try the jungle? It seems interesting to explore the jungle.

    Exploring the Mexican jungles seems fun an exciting activity. Actually, jungle tours are currently a well-kept secret in Mexico for the most part. However, they are rapidly beginning to increase in popularity. This is due to the how they carried out the tours.

    If you want to know, most Mexican jungles, the terrain makes it difficult or impossible for guided tours to take place from a bus or a car. If you like hiking or biking, it is a dangerous way. The most exciting and fun for the Mexican jungle tour is the all terrain vehicles which are known as ATV. If you are interested in scheduling an ATV jungle tour, you will have to find a tour guide or company. You are against to touring the jungle on your own and that is why you can rental the ATV. You can enjoy the tour because the professional ATV tour guides provided not only know to bring you to the exciting adventures but they also know how to keep you safe. If you want to find company or individual that specializes in ATV jungle tours, you can contact the travel agent or just do some research by yourself. You definitely will be satisfied.

    Hence, if you do some research on ATV jungle tours, you will come up with a number of tour companies. When to do the selection, it is advised that you determine the location of each tour and then compare it to your intended Mexico destination because ATV jungle tour can only be found in limited areas. If you are vacationing in or around the Cancun area, you may be able to schedule a ATV tour with Jungle Jim’s ATV Adventure because it was rated as the best ATV tour in the area for two years. Besides that, you also can found the Cozumel Tours and Jungle Jim’s ATV Adventure in Mexico. If these tours do not service your area, you are encouraged to keep on looking.

    Although ATV jungle tours are popular in Mexico, but you cannot just depend on them while vacationing in Mexico. Many tourists find it exciting to ride an ATV along the coast or other in Mexican destinations. If you feel like to book the ATV tour whether for jungle or beach, you are encouraged to determine whether or not reservations will be needed because it depends on the tour company.

    As mentioned previously, if you want to travel with ATV jungle tour, you can book with the assistance of a travel agent. You may want to be on the lookout for tour package if you want to do reservations because these packages include a wide range of Mexico tours, in addition to ATV jungle tours.

    Hence, you will find that there a lot of activities you can do in your Mexico vacation but did you honestly expect ATV jungle tours? But for the real, you can find it in Mexico. You will definitely enjoy your vacation if you choose Mexico as your destinations because many unexpected thing you will find and make your holiday enjoyable.

    Are your beauty supplies banned?

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    Female and beauty cannot be separated. If you are going to travel or have a plan on going to vacation or have a business meeting and use air plane as a transport, definitely, you will bring along your beauty supplies. That is why when we female handbag, mostly of them will bring along their cosmetics such as lipstick, powder or eye shadow with them. In fact, some of these supplies you may even want to carry with you at all times, but is it possible? But to tell the truth, there are a number of different beauty supplies that are prohibited from being stored in your carryon luggage. That is why, for women especially, they are encouraged to familiarize with rules and regulations that provided to bring along beauty supplies during travel by air plane.

    It same goes with other things that are ban to bring in your carryon luggage, for example ban of liquids, some number of your beauty supply products also are automatically eliminated. These items most commonly include liquid deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioners, hand sanitizers and all liquid hair products. Maybe you will feel inconvenient but you will find that majority of your make up supplies are banned from carryon luggage bags. All liquid based formulas are banned such as liquid foundation, liquid skincare creams, liquid lip products and also liquid mascara.

    Besides that, although it seems like a large number of beauties supply is not allowed to be stored in carryon luggage but there are a few exceptions. These liquid exceptions include prescriptions that are prescribed to you and certain eye care products. If you have eye problems or wearing contacts, you are allowed to carry small amounts of eye drops or saline solution with you but these items must be no larger than four ounces each.

    In other hand, some beauty supplies are not in liquid based. For example, most nail care products, expect for nail polish or nail polish remover, and are liquid free. But it is noted that both nail polish and nail polish remover are included in the above mentioned which is liquid ban. For nail care items that you can bring along in your carryon luggage are nail clippers, nail cuticle cutters and nail files.

    They will focus on eye care if you need to carry any other beauty products with you. As mentioned previously, eye drops and small amounts of saline solution are allowed to bring along in your carryon luggage. You also are permitted to bring along your eye glass repair kits with you. These kits are allowed although they do have a small number of sharp objects in them.

    So, if you already know which products or beauty supplies are allowed, you are able to packing your things in your carryon luggage. It is important and you have to bear in mind because if you are planning wearing makeup, you will wear it or you just leave and store the rest in your bags that will be checked. If you are stubborn where you try to sneak and play cheat, you may be detained by the airport security if you were being caught.

    So, you must be very careful and avoid from bringing all the prohibited items in your carryon luggage. Although you may be detained or miss flight if you do so, you will find that those are the most serious consequences. You have to be cooperative with airport security and other airport staff. As a woman, you should know that many of these items do not come cheap. So, instead of wasting your money, it is possible if you just follow the rules and regulations that provided for you.

    Hari Pertama
    08:00 am – Pick up time from your hotel
    08:30 am – Melawat Pasar Filipino / Wisma Datu Tun Mustapha / Poh Tse Buddhist Temple dan Muzium Negeri
    12:30 pm – Makan Tengahari
    13:30 pm – melawat zoo
    15:30 pm – Balik ke hotel dan aktiviti bebas
    Hari Kedua
    07:00 am – bergerak dari hotel untuk trip ke Kinabalu National Park.
    08:00 am – Taklimat di Nabalu.
    09:00 am – Sampai di Kinabalu National Park
    09:30 am – Melawat Mountain Garden.
    11:30 am – 20 minit slide show di exhibition center.
    12:00 pm – Makan Tengahari
    13:00 pm – Check-in resort hotel / aktiviti bebas.
    19:00 pm – Makan malam.
    Hari Ketiga
    07:30 am – Sarapan
    08:30 am – Berlepas ke Poring Hot Springs.
    09:30 am – Tiba Poring Hot Springs / Canopy Walkway / Open air Japanese style bathtubs. 12:00 pm – Makan tengahari
    14:30 pm – Berlepas ke Kota Kinabalu.
    16:30 pm – Sampai ke airport

    Pakej Termasuk:

    Tiket penerbangan pergi dan balik, Kenderaan berhawa dingin, Tempat tinggal selama 3 hari 2 malam dan makanan seperti yg ditulis.

    Pulau Tioman 3 Hari 2 Malam @ RM 350

    Posted by admin March - 13 - 2010 - Saturday 49 COMMENTS
    Hari Pertama
    Berlepas  dari Mersing ke Tioman menggunakan Feri Ekspress Berhawa Dingin (1 jam 45 minit)
    Check in
    Membeli belas di  Bebas cukai
    Aktiviti bebas
    Makan Malam
    Hari Kedua
    Berlepas ke Pulau Rengis( snorkelling)
    Makan tengahari
    Taman Marin (snorkelling)
    Makan malam
    Hari Ketiga
    Aktiviti Bebas
    Bertolak ke Mersing
    Paya Beach Resort/ Saland Beach Resort Nature/ Salang Indah/ Tioman Paya Resort/ Dumba Beach resort/ Genting bayu Chalet
    Pakej termasuk
    Bas dari Kuala Lumput ke Mersing
    Tempat tinggal untuk 2 malam ( 1 Bilik 4 orang)
    Feri laju berhawa dingin (Mersing – Tioman – Mersing)
    Trip untuk Snorkelling di Pulau Ringgis dan Taman Marin

    Pulau Redang 3 Hari 2 Malam @ RM 350

    Posted by admin March - 13 - 2010 - Saturday 26 COMMENTS
    Hari Pertama
    9.30am Bot berlepas dari Jeti Merang
    10.30am Tiba di Redang Reef Resort
    12.00 Makan Tengahari
    2.30pm Snorkelling
    4.00 Minum Petang
    7.oopm Dinner/BBQ
    Hari Kedua
    7.oo Sarapan Pagi
    9.30 Snorkelling
    12.00 Makan tengahari
    2.30 Snorkelling
    4.00 Minum Petang
    7.00 Makan Malam/ BBQ
    Hari Ketiga
    7.00am Sarapan
    9.30am Check out dari bilik
    11.00am Bertolak dari pulau
    Pakej ini termasuk :
    Tempat tinggal selama 2 malam
    2 kali sarapan
    2 kali makan tengahari
    2 kali minum petang
    sekali makan malam
    sekali makan malam BBQ
    Bot Pergi Balik
    Bas dari KL ke Marang
    Set snorkelling
    Jaket Keselamatan (biasa RM 10 setiap pakej)
    Yuran Marine Park ( Biasa RM 5)
    3 snorkelling Trip
    Redang Reef Resort/Redang Pelangi Resort/Redang Kalong Resort
    Jenis: Keluarga/ 4 Pax Setiap bilik

    Pulau Redang 3 Hari 2 MAlam
    Hari Pertama
    9.30am Bot berlepas dari Jeti Merang10.30am Tiba di Redang Reef Resort12.00 Makan Tengahari2.30pm Snorkelling4.00 Minum Petang7.oopm Dinner/BBQ
    Hari Kedua7.oo Sarapan Pagi9.30 Snorkelling12.00 Makan tengahari2.30 Snorkelling4.00 Minum Petang7.00 Makan Malam/ BBQ
    Hari Ketiga  7.00am Sarapan 9.30am Check out dari bilik11.00am Bertolak dari pulau
    Pakej ini termasuk :Tempat tinggal selama 2 malam2 kali sarapan 2 kali makan tengahari2 kali minum petangsekali makan malamsekali makan malam BBQBot Pergi BalikBas dari KL ke MarangSet snorkellingJaket Keselamatan (biasa RM 10 setiap pakej)Yuran Marine Park ( Biasa RM 5)3 snorkelling Trip
    Hotel:Redang Reef Resort/Redang Pelangi Resort/Redang Kalong Resort
    Jenis: Keluarga/ 4 Pax Setiap bilik

    Tarikh Untuk Yang pergi kurang dari 27 0rang:

    26 – 28  June 2010 – 6 pax (21 pax kekosongan)

    Pulau Langkawi 3 Hari 2 Malam @ RM 375

    Posted by admin March - 13 - 2010 - Saturday 17 COMMENTS


    Bertolak dari lokasi berkumpul
    Hari Pertama
    Tiba di Kuala Perlis
    Bertolak ke Pulau Langkawi menaiki Ferry
    Lawatan Ke Sekitar Pulau Langkawi sehingga 1 petang
    *Makam Mahsuri, Padang Matsirat, Beras Terbakar, Pantai Pasir Hitam, Kilang Gamat Asli, Kedai Batik Asli,
    Menaiki Kereta Kabel
    Shopping di Pekan Kuah/Haji Ismail Group/ Kompleks Idaman Suri
    Daftar Masuk Hotel
    Tele Match / sukan pantai
    Lawatan ke dataran helang/aktiviti bebas
    Hari Kedua

    9.30 Pagi berkumpul untuk lawatan Island Hopping selama 4-5 jam
    Menaiki bot melawat Pulau dayang bunting, Pulau Beras Basah, Pulau singa Besar
    3.oo Petang menaiki bot untuk Mangrove anda Cave Tours
    mangrove river, Bat cave, Crocodile Cave, Dedap cave, Eagle  feeding and bird watching, Fish Breeding Farm swimming @ sun Bathing
    Aktiviti Bebas/BBQ
    Hari Ketiga

    aktiviti Bebas/Last Minute Shopping
    12.00 T/hari Mendaftar Keluar
    Menaiki Feri ke Kuala Perlis
    *sekiranya ingin melawat Padang Besar/ Pekan Rabu/ Alor Star dan lain lain kawasan sewaktu perjalanan balik boleh di uruskan bergantung pada masa yang ada
    homemade chocolate door gift