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Visiting Glasgow In Scotland

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Glasgow is one of the liveliest and most cosmopolitan destinations in Europe. The city has been reborn as a centre of style and vitality set against a backdrop of outstanding Victorian architecture. Glasgow boasts world famous art collections, the best shopping in the United Kingdom outside London, and the most vibrant and exciting nightlife in Scotland. A must see is the splendour of Scotland’s best know architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, whose style adorns many unique attractions throughout Scotland’s largest and greatest city.

Glasgow is the second largest shopping centre in UK. You can shop at many major UK high street stores, smaller boutique, department stores and a wide variety of specialty shop, including craft and antique to suit every taste and interest. The city centre has three pedestrianised main thorough fares Saucier Hall Street, which features, among other things, pre-Christmas stalls, stands and an outdoor market. Other than that Argyle Street running parallel to each other and joined by Buchanan Street which runs from north and south. Along these main streets are shopping malls such as Saucier Hall Street, the Buchanan Galleries, the stylish and hip Princes Square, the St Enoch Center, and the bright and sunny atriums of the Argyle Arcade. There is also the weekend Barras market, located in the in the city’s east end and a stone’s throw south from St. Mungo’s Cathedral. Away from the city centre you have the convenience of the Parkhead Forge mall, Glasgow Fort shopping park and the Silverburn mall. Heading towards the city’s West End, you will also find smaller boutique and specialized shops, including an interesting array of antique a craft shops, designer home ware boutique, clothing shops and vintage record stores.

Glasgow means dear place green, recognizing the fact that Glasgow has over 70 parks and open spaces, more than any other city its size. Many of them contain some of the city’s main galleries and attractions, facilities for recreational activities, and many fine examples of Victorians sculpture. Among their features are such as the exotic Victorian Kibble Palace in Botanic Gardens. It now contains a fine collection of exotic tree ferns, which was started in 1881. In January 1999, a giant Spear Lily (Doryanthes palmary to the botanists) flowed for the first time in forty years in the glass house. The building also houses a collection of sculptures and nearby building in the park house a fine collection of orchids. Next the grand Winter Gardens on Glasgow Green. On the edge of Glasgow Green, the oldest public park in the city, there is a museum and cultural centre called the “People’s Palace” which opened in 1898. It is dedicated to the ordinary working people of Glasgow and has exhibits showing what life was like for Glaswegians in the past. At the rear of the building is huge Winter Garden, full of ferns and tropical plants. You can have a cup of coffee while admiring the lush vegetation and the elegant tracery of the ironwork. Other than that, Victoria Park’s Fossil Grove, have a fascinating display of fossilized tree trunks more than 300 million years old. The disused whinstone quarry has been turned into attractive rock garden and the whole area is surrounded by rhododendrons which provide even more color in springtime. Glasgow. Next the International Rose Garden in Tollcross Park, venue for the city’s annual International Rose Trials. The building is considerably smaller than the ones at Glasgow Green and Kelvingrove but they have packed in a large collection of flowering orchids, cacti, poinsettia and other colorful plants. Some of the most spectacular views of the city are Queens Park. The glass houses high in the centre of Queen’s Park on the south side of Glasgow, kept their moisture content high by having an artificial stream running through with goldfish to add to the interest. There are currently being refurbished.

Glasgow has over 20 wonderful museum and galleries, each with its own individual collection and events programmer, and all with free admission. They include the magnificent Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum in Kelvingrove, which houses the city’s principal collection of paintings, and is the Scotland’s most frequently visited free attraction. The side facing the main road outside is actually the rear of the building, as it was designed to have its frontage facing the river. The building is a typical product of the Victorian age (as are many of Glasgow’s fine buildings) with ornate, red stonework on the outside and twenty display galleries and two side courts grouped round an impressive central court. Next the Transport Museum, with its ever popular collection of Glasgow Trams, locomotives, an exact reconstruction of a 1930’s Glasgow streets, and the city’s new Museum of Football. The collection of cycles and motor bikes includes the world’s oldest surviving example is a pedal cycles. The museum has also recreated a Glasgow street of 1938 with period shop fronts, motor cars of the era parked on the cobbled street and a reconstruction of a Glasgow Underground Station. Walk-ways allow you to get close to the exhibits and in the case of some of the steam trains, to get right inside the driver’s cab. St Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life and Art, the UK’s only museum celebrating the world’s many religions. The only public museum to examine all the world’s major religious faiths is to promote understanding and respect between people of different faiths or none. St Mungo’s Museum is the perfect place for children and adults to learn about other people’s religious beliefs and customs, and to explore the age-old themes of life, death and the hereafter.

You will not regret if choosing Glasgow in Scotland as a destination for your vacation. You not only can visit places of interest, but also can gain experience and excitement that cannot be over looked.

Visiting Bognor Regis

Posted by admin December - 15 - 2010 - Wednesday ADD COMMENTS

Have you ever heard of Bognor Regis? What is your first impression of this town name? A small town by the beach? Then, you are so wrong. Well, not really that wrong, but do you know that Bognor Regis is one interesting place to visit? This place is great for weekend escapades, as a little treat to your mind, body and soul andn yeah, it’s also great for honeymoon.

Bognor Regis is a small traditional seaside town with a little zest of modern continental flavour. Bognor Regis is located at the south coast of England in the county of West Sussex approximately 70 miles south west of London. Bognor Regis is too the sunshine capital of Britain, receiving more sunshine on the average compared to any other town in Britain. You could bask in the sun at the Bognor beaches or even take a walk along the long stretches of promenade from Aldwick to the west through Felpham to the east of the town.

You could too visit one the many traditional pub like The Unicorn, The Lamb in Steyne Street or perhaps The Fox in Felpham, one of Bognor’s more historic buildings. You could also finds your very own place to satisfy your palate since there are so many place to eat and this place sure offer the taste of the world to satisfy your taste bud. Restaurant like Little Holland, Canoodle Thai Taste, Tuptim Siam, The Inglenook, The Royal Gurkha, Magna Tandoori and Mamma Mia are sure to give you a lot of offer to choose from. Other than the pub, the garden or parks of Bognor Regis is in the list of must visit list when you’re visiting Bognor Regis is one of the town parks and gardens. After all, you are in a south east in bloom competition winner.

One of the most unique events in Bognor Regis is The International Bognor Birdman This event is an annual competition for human-powered ‘flying’ machines held each summer in Bognor Regis. Contestants launch themselves from the end of the pier and prizes are awarded to the one who glides the furthest distance. Rarely taken completely seriously, the event provides competitors with an opportunity to construct improbable machines complete with outlandish dress.These events are sure to leave a permanent imprint on how unique this little town is.

Other than that, one could also visit one of the most famous and evocative castle in Britain, the Bodiam Castle. There are a lot of interesting thing to see in the castle like spiral staircases and battlement. You could also go to the top of the tower to see the wonderful views of the Rother Valley. In the impressive gatehouse is the castle’s original wooden portcullis, an extremely rare example of its kind. You could too explore the courtyard and meet real castle character if you are lucky enough.

Besides that, Bignor Roman Villa is one interesting place to see. This villa holds some exceptional display of mosaic including the longest section of mosaic in Britain. This large Roman villa is situated in a superb rural setting to the north of the South Downs, only one mile from the South Downs Way.You could also see a huge display of the objects found on site during the excavations over the course of the last few centuries.

As a conclusion, this is just a small pie of the pie. There are a lot of thing to see here in Bognorregis other then what is stated above. So, now that you know what Bognor Regis is and how interesting the place can be, what you are waiting for. Grab yourself a plane ticket and treat yourself and your familywith a little sunshine of Bognor Regis now.

The Ice Hotel of Sweden

Posted by admin November - 28 - 2010 - Sunday ADD COMMENTS

The Ice Hotel of Sweden

Have you heard of Ice Hotel? When I first heard about it, I was imagining that the hotel is made of ice, like the castle in the fairytale. And when I think about it again, it cannot be true. If it true, how can people live in the ice? It must be really cold in there. How can they sleep? The temperature must be really low like in the refrigerator. I never imagine something like that even exist in real life. But, I was wrong. The ice hotel is not only does exists, but there are five places in the world that famous with ice hotels. It includes Sweden, Canada, Norway, Romania, and Finland. The first ice hotel in the world is at Sweden and this ice hotel is also one of the seven wonders of Sweden. Thus, here is some information on the ice hotel, especially the one in Sweden.

First of all, what exactly is ice hotel? An ice hotel is a temporary hotel made up of snow, sculpted blocks of ice, and some steel framing. All of the ice hotels are reconstructed every year, and are dependent upon constant sub-freezing temperature s during construction and operation. The walls, fixtures, and fittings are made entirely of ice, and are held together using a substance known as snice, which takes the place of mortar in a traditional brick-build hotel. The first ice hotel was constructed in the late 1980’s, is build and rebuild each year in Jukkasjarvi, located about 120 miles north to the Artic Circle. No, this is not an urban legend, but a real hotel that build completely out of ice drawn from a nearby river, and available for a guest stay. The incredible structure is, as you might guess, one of the best places for an intriguing hotel stay in Sweden, or perhaps in the world.

Beside that, like the other ice hotels in the world, the Ice Hotel in Sweden is builds from blocks gathered from the Throne River, in the old village of Jukkasjarvi in Swedish Lapland. Each year, the Ice Hotel has a different design, usually spreading over a space of about 53,700 feet. The Ice Hotel Sweden uses more than 4,000 tons of ice to create the igloo-like structure, and usually features roughly 60 guest rooms. The Ice Hotel Sweden also features a number of other kinds of rooms, including a sauna, a reception hall, a multimedia theatre and an ice chapel for weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies.

Lastly, not only is the entire Sweden Ice Hotel structure made totally of ice, but all of the furniture and most of the decoration found within is also made from ice. Beds at the Sweden Ice Hotel are slabs of solid ice, and chairs are carved from blocks of ice. Statues and other forms of art are carved throughout the hotel, in rooms and in hallways, and tend to be quite ornate. The inside temperature of between -5°C and -8°C is constant despite the conditions outside and is counteracted by your thermal clothing. In addition, for comfort, reindeer skin blankets are draped over beds and chairs to offer moderate warmth. Only the best artists get the chance to work at the Ice Hotel and help create some of the world’s most unique bedrooms and bars. The hotel is a combination of ice engineering and fine art. The Sweden Ice Hotel is open for business beginning in December, depending on the weather, and ending in March.

In conclusion, the features of ice hotels are constantly evolving, as the buildings are re-constructed each year. Heated bathrooms are located near the ice hotel, as are heated cabins for travelers who want to be a part of the action, but not a part of the cold. Costs for an overnight stay range from $300 – $500 per night, depending on the size of your room. If you want to experience the ‘Narnia’ and a fairytale world, be sure to book your stay well in advance, as the popularity of this hotel grows with each new winter season.

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