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Taj Mahal Antara Seni Bina Terbaik Di Dunia

Posted by admin April - 9 - 2011 - Saturday ADD COMMENTS

Taj Mahal, merupakan salah satu daripada Tujuh Keajaiban Dunia, hanya tiga jam perjalanan dari New Delhi, ibu negara India. Ini telah menjadi salah satu tempat pelancongan paling menarik di India bagi orang asing selama bertahun-tahun. Taj Mahal, adalah “simbol terbaik cinta abadi” berdiri di tepi sungai Jamuna di Agra, di negara Uttar Pradesh.

taj mahal the best architecture

Taj Mahal, adalah salah satu seni bina yg terbaik dibina oleh Maharaja Mughal kelima, Shah Jahan pada 1631 dalam ingatan dari isteri keduanya, Arjumand Banu yang kemudian dikenali sebagai Mumtaz Mahal.

Taj, kubah yang terkenal terletak di atas marmar putih besar naik dari dasar batu pasir quality merah (186×186 kaki) diapit oleh empat menara meruncing. Shahjahan berunding dengan perunding dari Timur Tengah dan Eropah untuk merancang warisannya, yang mengunakan dua puluh ribu tenaga kerja selama 22 tahun untuk membina taj mahal. Perjalanan yang murah untuk ke Taj Mahal, telah menyebabkan ianya dijadikan tempat pertahanan Great Red Fort of Agra, ibukota empayar Mughal pada zaman dahulu.

Tiga nama muncul sebagai perancang Taj Mahal, Geronimo Veroneo merupakan rakyat Itali , Silversmith Austin de Bordeaux – Perancis dan Ustad Ahmad – Parsi Engineer dan astrologi. Hal ini mendengar bahawa bahan-bahan yang dikumpulkan dari berbagai penjuru dunia, seperti bukit Markana, China Turkistan, Tibet, Burma, Afghanistan, Mesir dan Himalaya.

Pakej perjalanan yang murah sedia untuk membawa anda ke bahagian mendebarkan dari seni bina Mughal yang tersergam indah, yang terdiri daripada langit-langit kubah, ruangan pusat kualiti, empat bilik bersudut octagon,dan makam peringatan Sha Jahan dan Mumtaz Mahal terletak di tengah.

Walaupun kontroversi, adakah ianya sebuah makam atau Candi Siva, yang dikenali sebagai Tejo Mahalaya, Taj akan berkilau ketika marmar putih di bawah sinar bulan. Anda boleh tinggal hotel murah yang berdekatan untuk menyaksikan keindahan Taj Mahal terutamanya pada malam bulan purnama.

Taj Mahal dikatakan untuk mengekspresikan suasana hati yang berbeza dari seorang wanita. Ianya kelihatan merah muda di pagi hari, putih susu di malam hari dan emas saat bulan bersinar. Jadi kepada pelancong dan pasangan romantik dapatkan pakej pelancongan yang murah ke India dan jangan terlepas untuk ke Taj Mahal

Places To Visit In cambodia

Posted by admin December - 4 - 2010 - Saturday ADD COMMENTS

Have you ever heard of Cambodia before this? Do you know where are the interesting places to visit in Cambodia? Now, I am going to tell you a little bit of history of Cambodia. Well, Cambodia may be one of the poorest nations in Asia, but it is rich in cultural heritage. That is the fact that many people doesn’t know about. From the majestic temples in the jungle to the memorials dedicated to the millions who died during the Khmer Rouge years, Cambodia has a few gems worth visiting. Let us see what are the most visited places in Cambodia.

Visitors usually will be visiting Angkor Wat for their first destination. Why is it so? That is because Angkor Wat has it own attractions. Literally meaning “City Temple”, Angkor Wat is one of the greatest temple complexes of the world, first devoted to Hinduism and then converted to Theravada Buddhism. Angkor Wat was built by King Suyarvarman II in the 12th Century as a testament to Khmer civilization, it was abandoned and swallowed by the jungle. Through the centuries, wandering Buddhist monks tell tales of a lost city deep in the lands of Indochina, and European travellers eventually became aware of the legends. It wasn’t until 1860 that Henri Mouhot, a French explorer, wrote about the temple in 1860 and captivated the Western World ever since. The temple is also a unique place because it used to be the Tomb Rider site location for shooting.

Next place is Phnom Penh which is the capital city in Cambodia. For your information, the Royal Palace and National Museum are located here. When visiting the Royal Palace, you must remember to cover any exposed legs or shoulder as a sign of respect. A 700-year old temple built on an artificial hill that is 100 feet high. The main entrance of this important Phnom Penh pagoda is guarded by modern statues of human-shaped figures, lion-like creature, and serpents. Wat Phnom is the centre of the city’s celebration of the Cambodian New Year.

Lastly, the most mysterious place in Cambodia is, Choeung Ek or known as the killing fields. A visit to this place is a MUST. During the 1970’s, Cambodia was taken over by the communist Pol Pot, who then proceeded to commit genocide against his own countrymen. He hired children as his army, then made them turn against their own parents and other adults. Wishing to revert Cambodia back into an agrarian economy, Pol Pot converted school houses and other buildings into prison camps and torture chambers. After subjecting his victims to such atrocities, he then led them to the killing fields to be executed. Choeung Ek is now filled with pits that used to be mass graves where thousands of skeletons were buried.

So, when you are visiting Cambodia, do not forget to visit all the interesting places that I had mentioned earlier, I hope by visiting other countries, we will learn something valuable that we couldn’t get anywhere because some of the best natural and manmade sight-seeing in Asia belongs to the country of Cambodia

Beautiful Holiday Island Maldives

Posted by admin May - 24 - 2010 - Monday 1 COMMENT

The beautiful holiday island The Maldives has to be the ultimate tropical destination.officially Republic of Maldives, is an island country in the Indian Ocean formed by a double chain of twenty-six atolls stretching in a north-south direction off India’s Lakshadweep  islands, between Minicoy Island and Chagos Archipelago. It stands in the Laccadive Sea, about seven hundred kilometres (435 mi) south-west of Sri Lanka. It is exotic, serene and tranquil whilst being home to some of the inmost beautiful island resorts you will find anywhere in the world. - beatiful island maldive - beatiful island maldive

The Maldives is actually made of up 1190 coral islands in the Indian Ocean in Southern Asia. 80 of these have tourist resorts.
Some of the most popular resorts are Mirihi and Banyan Tree. There are however many more, each with their own personal feel. Wherever you choose to stay, the hospitality in the Maldives is second to none.

The people are continuously friendly and helpful. In fact, I’ve never come across a Maldivian who wasn’t endlessly gracious and pleasant!

The beautiful holiday islands of the Maldives are an extremely popular honeymoon destination. For this reason it is often booked out year round so it would be a good idea to book early regardless of the time of year you are traveling.  Being in the tropics, it never truly gets cold there so you can even travel in the traditional winter months and still enjoy your time there.

The biggest airport in the Maldives is in Male which is the capital. There are taxi boats and sea planes. Boats are actually used instead of cars which are a welcome mode of transport for people who come from big cities!

The local currency on this beautiful island is the Maldivian rufiyaa with the exchange rate being 12.75 to the US dollar (this is a fixed rate).

It should be noted that the Maldives which is a beautiful holiday island location is very expensive. Resorts have a monopoly over accommodation and there is not really any budget accommodation there. It is a place for the cashed up tourist and luxury seeker. This is why it’s a popular honeymoon spot – people save for years for their honeymoon and the Maldives are certainly a place to splurge and pamper yourself.

Resorts are an all in one affair as they contain restaurants and other amenities you will need. Most don’t really serve local style food, instead opting for what they believe the tourists will enjoy (e.g. Asian and European dishes).

The Maldives is a strong Muslim location and alcohol is not allowed for the locals. Guests are allowed to drink in the resorts as most are licensed. There are no bars besides what is found in the resort which goes to show that the resorts really are the central tourist locations.

There is no doubt that the Maldives are a beautiful holiday island destination. As long as you are happy with resort style living whilst you are there, you will have the time of your life!

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