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Taj Mahal Antara Seni Bina Terbaik Di Dunia

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Taj Mahal, merupakan salah satu daripada Tujuh Keajaiban Dunia, hanya tiga jam perjalanan dari New Delhi, ibu negara India. Ini telah menjadi salah satu tempat pelancongan paling menarik di India bagi orang asing selama bertahun-tahun. Taj Mahal, adalah “simbol terbaik cinta abadi” berdiri di tepi sungai Jamuna di Agra, di negara Uttar Pradesh.

taj mahal the best architecture

Taj Mahal, adalah salah satu seni bina yg terbaik dibina oleh Maharaja Mughal kelima, Shah Jahan pada 1631 dalam ingatan dari isteri keduanya, Arjumand Banu yang kemudian dikenali sebagai Mumtaz Mahal.

Taj, kubah yang terkenal terletak di atas marmar putih besar naik dari dasar batu pasir quality merah (186×186 kaki) diapit oleh empat menara meruncing. Shahjahan berunding dengan perunding dari Timur Tengah dan Eropah untuk merancang warisannya, yang mengunakan dua puluh ribu tenaga kerja selama 22 tahun untuk membina taj mahal. Perjalanan yang murah untuk ke Taj Mahal, telah menyebabkan ianya dijadikan tempat pertahanan Great Red Fort of Agra, ibukota empayar Mughal pada zaman dahulu.

Tiga nama muncul sebagai perancang Taj Mahal, Geronimo Veroneo merupakan rakyat Itali , Silversmith Austin de Bordeaux – Perancis dan Ustad Ahmad – Parsi Engineer dan astrologi. Hal ini mendengar bahawa bahan-bahan yang dikumpulkan dari berbagai penjuru dunia, seperti bukit Markana, China Turkistan, Tibet, Burma, Afghanistan, Mesir dan Himalaya.

Pakej perjalanan yang murah sedia untuk membawa anda ke bahagian mendebarkan dari seni bina Mughal yang tersergam indah, yang terdiri daripada langit-langit kubah, ruangan pusat kualiti, empat bilik bersudut octagon,dan makam peringatan Sha Jahan dan Mumtaz Mahal terletak di tengah.

Walaupun kontroversi, adakah ianya sebuah makam atau Candi Siva, yang dikenali sebagai Tejo Mahalaya, Taj akan berkilau ketika marmar putih di bawah sinar bulan. Anda boleh tinggal hotel murah yang berdekatan untuk menyaksikan keindahan Taj Mahal terutamanya pada malam bulan purnama.

Taj Mahal dikatakan untuk mengekspresikan suasana hati yang berbeza dari seorang wanita. Ianya kelihatan merah muda di pagi hari, putih susu di malam hari dan emas saat bulan bersinar. Jadi kepada pelancong dan pasangan romantik dapatkan pakej pelancongan yang murah ke India dan jangan terlepas untuk ke Taj Mahal


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“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.”- Pat Conroy

People always say that travelling is something that really misery because it needs us to deal with many things before and after leaving. Passport, ticket, hotel and food. These are some of the stuff that you will be thinking of for your trip. Plus, they say traveling cause you high. All those words come from those who never see and feel the beautiful values of traveling. On the other hand, it means that they do not know how to manage their travel well which make them pressured. Forget the itinerary, lose the preconceptions and make that next trip a life- changing experience. Here are the tips to get yourself out of that travel rut and ensure you to have wonderful trip. The tips are, learn before you land, do not rush, foreign people are people too, and get local.

It is a crucial thing to learn before you land on your travel. There is no excuse to say that it is hard to search the information about the country you are traveling to. We are not living in the 19th century where there is no computer, internet or traveling books. Perhaps now, you could use your iPhone to Google on anything you intend to know at any minute of time. So, use the internet or guidebook which will serve you with plenty of ways in order to learn something about even the most obscure destination before travel there. In fact, it is the best part of traveling. As well as reading the up on some places you would love to go, you also can pick any novel on the book shelf at the bookstore of its famous citizen. Let say if you are planning to fly to United Kingdom, so you read about Princess Diana. It depends on your personal interest. You might like to source on locally-made music or the foods. From there, you are more familiar with the place and its culture. Then, you will get more enthusiastic about your coming trip instantly. Here are some basics that most people do not know which will make you amazed. Check these on your list: basic geography, the name and rate of the local currency, language and dialects, capital city and major towns, unusual customs and dangers that you might face. All of these will make you to get deeper about your destination.

Why you have to rush on your trip? First thing first, bar this sentence from bursting out of your mouth, “I have to see Y, S and L today because I may not come to this city again”. If you do rush to visit those places in your list, you probably destroy the pleasure of traveling there. In order to vanish off the ‘rush’, you have to learn on how to schedule your trip slowly though you got a short trip planned. Try to prioritize on the sights you adore to see and spend plenty of time there. This include sitting in a museum like the Archaeological Museum of Turkey where it placed a large collection of artifacts, works and arts which belong to the Greek and The Sarcophagus of Alexander the Great or musing on the paintings in the upcoming exhibition, Venice Canaletto and His Rivals this October at the National Art Gallery of London which will present Canaletto’s masterpieces, a great artist from Venice in 1760s. Besides, you can spend your time standing near an Almeria’s Alcazaba, an old castle in south of Spain which was found 90 meters from the city and imagining what was the lives of the local involved. From this, we can conclude that, if you go to Paris, it is not a rule to ascend the Eiffel Tower rather than spend plenty of hours at the Picasso Museum instead. Maybe your friend will think that your trip is not interesting. It is ok. You can share your trip memory with others who really think your trip is fascinating.

Foreign people are people too. What does this mean? Are foreigner monsters? Absolutely not. This mean, while you are traveling, do not stare at the locals who behaved in a manner different to what you used to. Make an effort by chatting around with them. As a traveler with knowledge and education, we have to know that people are extraordinarily similar in every angle of the globe. It is not good to treat the locals like sightseeing objects and most importantly, do not think they are inferior if they do not own a walkman, iPod or they never seen a mobile phone. As to get closer to the locals, learning some of their language is essential to get connected with them. You may buy a phrase finder or a dictionary for travelers which available at any local bookstore or maybe you can buy it before your journey to learn the foreign language. Here are some examples of “Hello” and its pronunciation in foreign word. French- Bonjour (Bonjiu), Spanish-Ola (oh-lah), Lebanese-Marhaba (Mar-kha-ba),Hindi-Namaste (na-mas-te), Vietnamese-Shin Chao (Xin Jao) and Japanese-Konnichiwa (konnichiwa). You may ask any locals in order to get the correct pronunciation of the words. It will be a pleasure for them to teach you their language.

The last tips is to ensure a great experience in your travel is get the local people. One of the precious traveling rules is that there is no good reason for you to eat the same food at the same fast food restaurant which you able to find at home such as Burger King, Mc Donald, J.Co Donuts or Carl’s Junior. Get some tips from a good guide book for a local restaurant or eatery. Eating local exotic dishes will be best for you to give a new taste to your tongue. One example of a strange food that can be found in Southwest America, Mexico, Australia, South Africa and New Guinea is the “Honeypot Ants” or Honey Ants. Those ants are force fed by their kin with nectar and honey or fat from other insects and serve as living storage units. It is like candy with legs. If you ignore the source, it is like a drop of honey. Hold onto its head and bite off the abdomen. The same goes for accommodation. Opt for a quaint bed and breakfast or go to a charming motel that serves you home-cooked meals. You left home for reasons. There is no point for you to replicate the same comforts as home. You travel for the experience. So, surround yourself with them whenever you can.

In a nut shell, the tips make you realize that traveling not only about money, packing your stuff, get a flight ticket or your passport but it want you to understand the value of the journey. Thus, we will be able to feel the ‘juice’ of traveling. By learning before you land, not to rush, mix with foreign people and get local will sure you the exciting on your trip. Travel make a person learn and grow, challenge themselves, stretch the limits and appreciate the world all over.

Sydney Best Picnic Spots

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Picnic is a recreational activity often done by parents. It is because to strengthen their relationship with children. They so busy on work day so as not to spend time with their families on work day, they were encouraged to make this meaningful leisure activities on weekends. There are many picnic spots can be visited. Sydney is one of the overseas tourism destinations that the best to visit. If we asked the local people as well, one of the interesting places they want to visit is Sydney. In addition, they also will be interested to go on vacation in Paris, Switzerland and so on. Sydney has many attractions places can be visited. For example, picnic spots, buildings and many more. Among the best picnic sites to be visited in Sydney is the Strickland House, EG Waterhouse National Camellia Gardens, McKell Park, Blackwattle Bay Park and Wendy’s Secret Garden.

As a visitor, we must go picnic on Strickland House. It is the highest rating that visitor go there. One of the reasons is the grounds of this 1850s Harbourside villa is a top choice is it’s practically unknown beyond a few in-the-know Sydneysiders. Head to Carrara Road in Vaucluse and at the bottom of the tiny, steep laneway on the left, it is about three quarters along, you will see a sign for Heritage Foreshore Reserve, a narrow park that runs around the coastline from Rose Bay. Descend the stairs and at the forked path veer to the right. You will hit upon a set of stairs leading to the discreet Hermit Bay and further along Tingara Beach, but keep on until you reach the Strickland House grounds and a dazzling view of the harbour. Take a dip at Milk Beach or a walk all the way to Neilsen Park.

Second picnic spot that visitor have to visit is EG Waterhouse National Camellia Gardens. It is because there have a refreshing respite from the heat and hubbub of Carringbah traffic, this beautiful sanctuary is home to Australia’s largest collection of camellias. There are duck ponds, bridges, cascading water, an enclosed playground for kids and a teahouse. Besides that, the gardens began as a project under the 1970 Captain Cook Bicentenary program, with the first plantings in 1969. Named after the late Professor E.G Waterhouse, a leading authority on camellias, the Garden today is a tranquil oasis. This place open Monday to Friday at 9.00am to 4.00pm while weekends and Public Holidays operating at 9.30am to 5.00pm. EG Waterhouse National Camellia Gardens is closed on Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Third picnic spot that visitor have to visit is McKell Park. In this place visitor may find themselves an uninvited guest at one of the weekend weddings that take place here but don’t despair – there’s enough manicured grass for everyone. The Park commands unique views of Sydney Harbour and the heritage-listed Canonbury Cottage forms the centrepiece of the park. If the weather’s warm, take a swim in the harbour via the sandstone steps, and set the picnic basket on the green grass right on the water’s edge. In addition to that, there have many facilities such as manicured lawns, public ferry wharf, public toilets, sandstone sculptures and exotic garden. The park is a great place to relax, have a picnic, take in the harbour view, view harbour activities and having your special ceremony or wedding.

Other picnic spot can visitor visit is Blackwattle Bay Park. Blackwattle Bay was named in 1788 by boat parties sent from Sydney Cove to gather timber for hut building. The name came from the mistaken identification of a yellow-flowered tree which grew on the slopes of the bay. The Black Wattle tree was actually the Callicoma serratifolia not an Acacia, but subsequently the Acacia genus became known as wattles. The history of the bay is full of contrasting images. Sparkling creeks later became open sewers, and the mangrove shores ended up overflowing with offal and industrial waste. Elegant estates coexisted with timberyards, chemical works, and crowded slums. At Blackwattle Bay Park, visitor can lay out a rug and a spread and watch the sun set and the lights of Sydney’s CBD illuminate from this inner west picnic hideaway. Snaking along the shoreline all the way to the end of Johnson St in Annandale, this Glebe waterside park offers one of the best views of ANZAC Bridge. While visitor tucking into their picnic think to themselves, “I’m getting the same view as those sitting close by at the Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay restaurant, but without the bill”.

Last but not least, the picnic spot that visitor can go is Wendy’s Secret Garden. Like Strickland House, this Lavender Bay gem is known only to a handful of streetwise Sydneysiders. It was created by Wendy Whiteley, the widow of artist Brett Whiteley, the man who painted the ‘optical erotica’ of the harbour beyond the wasteland at the foot of his Lavender Bay home. The land was derelict, tangled and overgrown, full of broken bottles, rotting mattresses and rubbish, a dead-end dump for surplus trains and derelict humanity: the end of the line. When Brett died in 1992, the widowed Wendy Whiteley dug in and channeled her grief into the garden. Sixteen years on, a vast, enchanting corner of Sydney exists: natives, exotics, herbs and towering fig trees run along winding gully paths while parrots, gulls, kookaburras, owls and wagtails chatter amidst the flowers and berries. Tucked away in the shadow of soulless office towers, it looks like a private garden, and it is – a private paean to love and loss but one performed in a spirit of renewal and now, blessedly, shared with all of Sydney.

As a conclusion, there are many picnic spots in Sydney that we can be visited. Each picnic spot has its own privileges to attract visitors, regardless of whether it is from within or outside their country. Apart from Sydney, other countries will be visited, according citrarasa visitor’s taste. Malaysia also has places that can be visited, such as the island of Langkawi Island has many legendary stories related to the oaths of a woman named Mahsuri. Malacca is a historical state in which the commencement of diplomatic relations between the merchants from China and India. So, as a visitor you may choose whenever picnic spots you want.

Visiting Glasgow In Scotland

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Glasgow is one of the liveliest and most cosmopolitan destinations in Europe. The city has been reborn as a centre of style and vitality set against a backdrop of outstanding Victorian architecture. Glasgow boasts world famous art collections, the best shopping in the United Kingdom outside London, and the most vibrant and exciting nightlife in Scotland. A must see is the splendour of Scotland’s best know architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, whose style adorns many unique attractions throughout Scotland’s largest and greatest city.

Glasgow is the second largest shopping centre in UK. You can shop at many major UK high street stores, smaller boutique, department stores and a wide variety of specialty shop, including craft and antique to suit every taste and interest. The city centre has three pedestrianised main thorough fares Saucier Hall Street, which features, among other things, pre-Christmas stalls, stands and an outdoor market. Other than that Argyle Street running parallel to each other and joined by Buchanan Street which runs from north and south. Along these main streets are shopping malls such as Saucier Hall Street, the Buchanan Galleries, the stylish and hip Princes Square, the St Enoch Center, and the bright and sunny atriums of the Argyle Arcade. There is also the weekend Barras market, located in the in the city’s east end and a stone’s throw south from St. Mungo’s Cathedral. Away from the city centre you have the convenience of the Parkhead Forge mall, Glasgow Fort shopping park and the Silverburn mall. Heading towards the city’s West End, you will also find smaller boutique and specialized shops, including an interesting array of antique a craft shops, designer home ware boutique, clothing shops and vintage record stores.

Glasgow means dear place green, recognizing the fact that Glasgow has over 70 parks and open spaces, more than any other city its size. Many of them contain some of the city’s main galleries and attractions, facilities for recreational activities, and many fine examples of Victorians sculpture. Among their features are such as the exotic Victorian Kibble Palace in Botanic Gardens. It now contains a fine collection of exotic tree ferns, which was started in 1881. In January 1999, a giant Spear Lily (Doryanthes palmary to the botanists) flowed for the first time in forty years in the glass house. The building also houses a collection of sculptures and nearby building in the park house a fine collection of orchids. Next the grand Winter Gardens on Glasgow Green. On the edge of Glasgow Green, the oldest public park in the city, there is a museum and cultural centre called the “People’s Palace” which opened in 1898. It is dedicated to the ordinary working people of Glasgow and has exhibits showing what life was like for Glaswegians in the past. At the rear of the building is huge Winter Garden, full of ferns and tropical plants. You can have a cup of coffee while admiring the lush vegetation and the elegant tracery of the ironwork. Other than that, Victoria Park’s Fossil Grove, have a fascinating display of fossilized tree trunks more than 300 million years old. The disused whinstone quarry has been turned into attractive rock garden and the whole area is surrounded by rhododendrons which provide even more color in springtime. Glasgow. Next the International Rose Garden in Tollcross Park, venue for the city’s annual International Rose Trials. The building is considerably smaller than the ones at Glasgow Green and Kelvingrove but they have packed in a large collection of flowering orchids, cacti, poinsettia and other colorful plants. Some of the most spectacular views of the city are Queens Park. The glass houses high in the centre of Queen’s Park on the south side of Glasgow, kept their moisture content high by having an artificial stream running through with goldfish to add to the interest. There are currently being refurbished.

Glasgow has over 20 wonderful museum and galleries, each with its own individual collection and events programmer, and all with free admission. They include the magnificent Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum in Kelvingrove, which houses the city’s principal collection of paintings, and is the Scotland’s most frequently visited free attraction. The side facing the main road outside is actually the rear of the building, as it was designed to have its frontage facing the river. The building is a typical product of the Victorian age (as are many of Glasgow’s fine buildings) with ornate, red stonework on the outside and twenty display galleries and two side courts grouped round an impressive central court. Next the Transport Museum, with its ever popular collection of Glasgow Trams, locomotives, an exact reconstruction of a 1930’s Glasgow streets, and the city’s new Museum of Football. The collection of cycles and motor bikes includes the world’s oldest surviving example is a pedal cycles. The museum has also recreated a Glasgow street of 1938 with period shop fronts, motor cars of the era parked on the cobbled street and a reconstruction of a Glasgow Underground Station. Walk-ways allow you to get close to the exhibits and in the case of some of the steam trains, to get right inside the driver’s cab. St Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life and Art, the UK’s only museum celebrating the world’s many religions. The only public museum to examine all the world’s major religious faiths is to promote understanding and respect between people of different faiths or none. St Mungo’s Museum is the perfect place for children and adults to learn about other people’s religious beliefs and customs, and to explore the age-old themes of life, death and the hereafter.

You will not regret if choosing Glasgow in Scotland as a destination for your vacation. You not only can visit places of interest, but also can gain experience and excitement that cannot be over looked.


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Travelling is the most exciting experience for one who had go through a long and tiring weeks, or months or maybe, years! Travel planning could be the most important plays in your exciting travelling days because without planning, your journey might end up with terrifying disaster. Forgetting even a single thing that you will need in your journey might also distract your happiness while enjoying new experience in a foreign places. Now, a bunch of important accessories that is needed during your travelling time are listed very accurately, a complete and helpful list, are as below.

A digital camera, is surely listed at the top of the gadgets that you should never forget to bring. Thinking that you will be wandering around, and discover new figures, buildings, land, or even a unique clown will be incomplete without your camera to record them in. Listed second after a digital camera is your MP3 player. What a boring and dull day without being accompanied by music and songs. As a human being, I, myself confessed that music leave a big impact to every minutes in my life. So, while watching a sunny morning in a new lands outside your vehicles, music could bring you into souls that is unusual and suprisingly it fits you with whatever you’ll be watching next.

Third, do not forget to bring your emergency mobile charger. Otherwise, you will face a lot of trouble to communicate either with the people near you, or maybe your classmates, colleagues and your parents. Remember that your cell phone needs to be charged from time to time to make sure that the battery stay alive! An also very important gadget, is a Universal plug adaptor. Say you are travelling overseas and reaching a country which uses different sockets than the one in your country. A universal plug adaptor will play it’s part very effectively.

Now, what if you were trapped in a dark place and look out for things that is kept inside your tight backpack? That is where a headlamp is much needed. Another gadget that will caused chaos without being prepared for your travel. But make sure you bring a slightly headlamp with bright light so that its easier for you to insert it anywhere near you. Next in the list is, a GPS watch. Travelling in a foreign places with no acquintances is quite challenging especially when you have no idea about the road and are not familiar with the landmarks. By having your techno-map besides you, your journey will be easier and you can reach your destination on the time. Besides that, you can also find the direction of prayer when its time to pray.

Talking about praying, you should never forget your pray mat and the other needed equipment so that you will not miss your prayers while travelling. Your prayers is not a small issue as His bless can smooth a journey no matter wherever you’re heading to. Even to the end of the world, it is His bless that will make it true. Not to forget a quick-dry towel. Say that your journey will be prolonged to days or weeks. A quick-dry towel must be so useful when you have to take a bath, you will just need to grab things up and get ready at the fastest minutes you can afford to.

Travelling, a great experience because the journey itself taught a lot of new lessons and drew variety in your life. Now, don’t forget to bring those said accessories so that your journey will stay happy and memorable. Happy travelling people!

Visiting Bognor Regis

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Have you ever heard of Bognor Regis? What is your first impression of this town name? A small town by the beach? Then, you are so wrong. Well, not really that wrong, but do you know that Bognor Regis is one interesting place to visit? This place is great for weekend escapades, as a little treat to your mind, body and soul andn yeah, it’s also great for honeymoon.

Bognor Regis is a small traditional seaside town with a little zest of modern continental flavour. Bognor Regis is located at the south coast of England in the county of West Sussex approximately 70 miles south west of London. Bognor Regis is too the sunshine capital of Britain, receiving more sunshine on the average compared to any other town in Britain. You could bask in the sun at the Bognor beaches or even take a walk along the long stretches of promenade from Aldwick to the west through Felpham to the east of the town.

You could too visit one the many traditional pub like The Unicorn, The Lamb in Steyne Street or perhaps The Fox in Felpham, one of Bognor’s more historic buildings. You could also finds your very own place to satisfy your palate since there are so many place to eat and this place sure offer the taste of the world to satisfy your taste bud. Restaurant like Little Holland, Canoodle Thai Taste, Tuptim Siam, The Inglenook, The Royal Gurkha, Magna Tandoori and Mamma Mia are sure to give you a lot of offer to choose from. Other than the pub, the garden or parks of Bognor Regis is in the list of must visit list when you’re visiting Bognor Regis is one of the town parks and gardens. After all, you are in a south east in bloom competition winner.

One of the most unique events in Bognor Regis is The International Bognor Birdman This event is an annual competition for human-powered ‘flying’ machines held each summer in Bognor Regis. Contestants launch themselves from the end of the pier and prizes are awarded to the one who glides the furthest distance. Rarely taken completely seriously, the event provides competitors with an opportunity to construct improbable machines complete with outlandish dress.These events are sure to leave a permanent imprint on how unique this little town is.

Other than that, one could also visit one of the most famous and evocative castle in Britain, the Bodiam Castle. There are a lot of interesting thing to see in the castle like spiral staircases and battlement. You could also go to the top of the tower to see the wonderful views of the Rother Valley. In the impressive gatehouse is the castle’s original wooden portcullis, an extremely rare example of its kind. You could too explore the courtyard and meet real castle character if you are lucky enough.

Besides that, Bignor Roman Villa is one interesting place to see. This villa holds some exceptional display of mosaic including the longest section of mosaic in Britain. This large Roman villa is situated in a superb rural setting to the north of the South Downs, only one mile from the South Downs Way.You could also see a huge display of the objects found on site during the excavations over the course of the last few centuries.

As a conclusion, this is just a small pie of the pie. There are a lot of thing to see here in Bognorregis other then what is stated above. So, now that you know what Bognor Regis is and how interesting the place can be, what you are waiting for. Grab yourself a plane ticket and treat yourself and your familywith a little sunshine of Bognor Regis now.

Best Things to See at the Epcot Centre

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Ever you heard about Epcot centre? Almost everyone confuse and does not know what it is. So weird right? But this place after I had done my research is seriously quite interesting because it contain a lot interesting places to take a sneak peak. Epcot is a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort, located near Orlando, Florida. The park is dedicated to international culture and technological innovation. The second park built at the resort, it opened on October 1, 1982 and was named EPCOT Centre until 1994. Epcot is a short form for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, a utopian city of the future planned by Walt Disney. Epcot centre have a lot of amazing places to visit because of its architecture and its activities. I would like to tell u the list of interesting place inside Epcot centre. Firstly, they have places around the world. Epcot is kind of unique because of its design and capability to build almost every country attractive place there.

The first place to visit is America Adventure Pavilion. Invented like Majestic Colonial style structure. Inspired by Independence Hall, Boston’s Old State house, and Colonial Williamsburg. Always with patriotic performances and American adventure show. They have the National Treasure, observe history artifacts of important Americans and U.S. events. Showing Abraham Lincoln stone pipe hat, Thomas Edison projector and the belongings of Mark Twain, Rosa Parks and others up close. You will amaze when enter the ‘American Adventure’, 30 minute theatrical show that uses 35 lifelike audio animatronics figures. Do not forget the recreation of people and events involved in America history, including Barrack Obama, the Boston Tea Party and civil right movements.

Next, the Canada Pavilion. It is a place with outdoors entertainment of Canada’s cultural history. O’Canada the compelling 360 degree film that will amaze you with it. It is an 18 minute of film screened in a glorious Circle vision. Captures the cities, culture, people, and rich landscape of Canada.

After that we seek to the world of China in China Pavilion. With a legendary architecture and culture of China. Featuring the temple of Heaven, tomb sculptures, gardens and ponds. But do not miss the opportunity to watch the Reflection of China. A lush 13 minute film shown in stirring circle vision of 360 degree. Experience the mythical beauty of China is captured in sweeping photography of the Great Wall, Shanghai and other epic.

The Epcot centre also has France Pavilion that contains the view of Eiffel tower. With a restaurant and bakeries that offers you a tempting of delight. It also contain cinema that screens Impression de France and street performers that surely will amaze you. The film screened the Impression de France. A virtual of France with 18 minute movie projected onto 5 adjacent screens. It celebrates the beauty and history of France.

Enter the world of Germany when you visit the Germany Pavilion. Experience the world of Germany when you enter it because will amaze you and definitely strike your eyes. With a Bavarian Clock tower, Statue of St.George slaying a dragon, oom pah music and performers and shop selling steins and trinkets.

A view of Japan ethics when you step into Japan Pavilion. Japan was well known as the world of ancient. They are called a faraway land both serene and spirited world. A red Torii gate will greet you at the waterfront before you explore the Pagoda.

You also can visit Italy when visit Epcot centre because they provided you the Italy pavilion there. Behold the breathtaking landmarks of evoking Rome’s Trevi Fountain and the bell tower from St.Mark’s Square. With delicious and authentic food at Tutto Italia Ristorante. With musician, clowns and acting troupe.

The Mayan people symbolize the Mexico Pavilion. They built a towering of Aztec pyramid, with no stress boat ride on the Gran Fiesta tour starring the three Caballeros. The Mexico Pavilion also have large place surround it so u can do your outdoor activity actively.

The Mission Space Pavilion will take you into the future world. It was home to the Mars flight simulator. They have a fantastic, futuristive and interactive play space for kids of all ages and rocket to Mars.

When you visit Morocco Pavilion, your memories about Morocco will not fade when u arrived there because it was created by authentic Moroccans artisan using genuine material. Enjoy the belly dancers when dining at restaurant Marrakesh.

Took a living of village when you walk in to Norway Pavilion. A Scandinavian village that transports you to a land where Viking roamed. It is also attract people with exciting Maelstrom. Maelstrom is about the historic time of Norway.

Thrill your day when enter Test Track Pavilion because it was specialized for those with car obsessed. Featuring the dizzyingly popular test track. The test track is Disney fastest attraction. With high octane thrill ride in which riders are automotive test subject.

The Seas with Nemo and friend Pavilion is a massive aquarium that holds one of the largest man made ocean environment in the world. Slowly descend into the ocean in clamobiles on a gentle ride where you observe characters from Disney Finding Nemo.

Next, Universe of Energy Pavilion. Walk into a mirrored pyramid to fascinating exhibits focusing on the origin of the universe, the dinosaur age, and history of energy. Solar roof panels help power its multimedia attraction. They also screened a film. Starring comedian Ellen DeGeneres, this multimedia attraction takes you on a trip from the eras of the Big Bang and dinosaurs to the present, exploring what powers the universe and our daily lives. Venture to the future to see how we will eventually live!

Finally the Imagination Pavilion. Created with cool glass pyramid, a home of attraction and entertainment. Inside here contain Captain EO starring Michael Jackson. The classic 3D film musical stars Michael Jackson and a cast of intergalactic characters. People of all ages can experience the magic of this innovative film. The journey into imagination of figament was voted the best Epcot Attraction for kids.

So, after read it you should save your money and get prepared to blast off to the world of amazingly excited. Do visit Epcot centre when you can afford your time and your money because it will be wasted if u do not visit it.

The Great Land of Alaska

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The great land of Alaska. What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you hear the word Alaska? Do you think of a land full of ice? Do you think that it is a country that is very cold for you to live in? What do you really know about Alaska other than ice and snow? There are many things that many don’t know about Alaska, here are a few things about Alaska that makes it so great.

Alaska located in north western region of North America, being the biggest state there but also, has the least populated state in the country. In most countries, we are all suffering from pollution and have trouble trying to stop pollution, in Alaska the country is untouched by us humans and because of that Alaska is still amazing to this day. The breath taking landscapes that our ancestors once saw can still be seen, no words can be used to explain the beauty of Alaska.

Visitors from other country like to visit Alaska during the summer, not just because during that time it is warmer but because what Alaska has to offer during the summer. During the summer, photographers is able to enjoy twenty-four hours of sunlight allowing them to capture beautiful photos and for tourist, it is the best time to visit because certain parts of Alaska offer many types of wildlife. Such as eagles, moose, grizzly bears, seals and even whales. Tourist can visit the wildlife park and have opportunity to meet and take photographs of these wildlife creatures.

During the winter on the other hand, is the time where most visitors would like to avoid Alaska. This is because Alaska with be in darkness for months and the temperature can fall below 0 F, but despite being cold and dark there are people who actually love Alaska during the winter. This is because during winter when it is at its coldest and darkest something so beautiful appears out of nowhere. Winter is the time of the year where the aurora lights can be seen, it only appear when Alaska is going through the longest days without the sun and temperature so cold, but the view is worth it. The colors of the Aurora lights will take the words right out of your mouth.

Last of all, in Alaska we get to see and live in a different culture. Alaska consists of people called the Eskimo. Eskimo is one of the oldest types of culture there is, it is a culture that has been living for more than a thousand years. The way they live and hunt for food has not change, even during the coldest of nights they hunt. These Eskimos hunt seals and also whales.

There is a lot more to say about Alaska that makes it so great, but what’s the use if I was to write everything here? Then it would ruin the surprise and also the greatness of Alaska. Want to know more about Alaska? Then get up from where ever you are reading this and go buy a ticket to Alaska, be the first to taste “The Great Land of Alaksa.”

Places To Visit In cambodia

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Have you ever heard of Cambodia before this? Do you know where are the interesting places to visit in Cambodia? Now, I am going to tell you a little bit of history of Cambodia. Well, Cambodia may be one of the poorest nations in Asia, but it is rich in cultural heritage. That is the fact that many people doesn’t know about. From the majestic temples in the jungle to the memorials dedicated to the millions who died during the Khmer Rouge years, Cambodia has a few gems worth visiting. Let us see what are the most visited places in Cambodia.

Visitors usually will be visiting Angkor Wat for their first destination. Why is it so? That is because Angkor Wat has it own attractions. Literally meaning “City Temple”, Angkor Wat is one of the greatest temple complexes of the world, first devoted to Hinduism and then converted to Theravada Buddhism. Angkor Wat was built by King Suyarvarman II in the 12th Century as a testament to Khmer civilization, it was abandoned and swallowed by the jungle. Through the centuries, wandering Buddhist monks tell tales of a lost city deep in the lands of Indochina, and European travellers eventually became aware of the legends. It wasn’t until 1860 that Henri Mouhot, a French explorer, wrote about the temple in 1860 and captivated the Western World ever since. The temple is also a unique place because it used to be the Tomb Rider site location for shooting.

Next place is Phnom Penh which is the capital city in Cambodia. For your information, the Royal Palace and National Museum are located here. When visiting the Royal Palace, you must remember to cover any exposed legs or shoulder as a sign of respect. A 700-year old temple built on an artificial hill that is 100 feet high. The main entrance of this important Phnom Penh pagoda is guarded by modern statues of human-shaped figures, lion-like creature, and serpents. Wat Phnom is the centre of the city’s celebration of the Cambodian New Year.

Lastly, the most mysterious place in Cambodia is, Choeung Ek or known as the killing fields. A visit to this place is a MUST. During the 1970’s, Cambodia was taken over by the communist Pol Pot, who then proceeded to commit genocide against his own countrymen. He hired children as his army, then made them turn against their own parents and other adults. Wishing to revert Cambodia back into an agrarian economy, Pol Pot converted school houses and other buildings into prison camps and torture chambers. After subjecting his victims to such atrocities, he then led them to the killing fields to be executed. Choeung Ek is now filled with pits that used to be mass graves where thousands of skeletons were buried.

So, when you are visiting Cambodia, do not forget to visit all the interesting places that I had mentioned earlier, I hope by visiting other countries, we will learn something valuable that we couldn’t get anywhere because some of the best natural and manmade sight-seeing in Asia belongs to the country of Cambodia

The Ice Hotel of Sweden

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The Ice Hotel of Sweden

Have you heard of Ice Hotel? When I first heard about it, I was imagining that the hotel is made of ice, like the castle in the fairytale. And when I think about it again, it cannot be true. If it true, how can people live in the ice? It must be really cold in there. How can they sleep? The temperature must be really low like in the refrigerator. I never imagine something like that even exist in real life. But, I was wrong. The ice hotel is not only does exists, but there are five places in the world that famous with ice hotels. It includes Sweden, Canada, Norway, Romania, and Finland. The first ice hotel in the world is at Sweden and this ice hotel is also one of the seven wonders of Sweden. Thus, here is some information on the ice hotel, especially the one in Sweden.

First of all, what exactly is ice hotel? An ice hotel is a temporary hotel made up of snow, sculpted blocks of ice, and some steel framing. All of the ice hotels are reconstructed every year, and are dependent upon constant sub-freezing temperature s during construction and operation. The walls, fixtures, and fittings are made entirely of ice, and are held together using a substance known as snice, which takes the place of mortar in a traditional brick-build hotel. The first ice hotel was constructed in the late 1980’s, is build and rebuild each year in Jukkasjarvi, located about 120 miles north to the Artic Circle. No, this is not an urban legend, but a real hotel that build completely out of ice drawn from a nearby river, and available for a guest stay. The incredible structure is, as you might guess, one of the best places for an intriguing hotel stay in Sweden, or perhaps in the world.

Beside that, like the other ice hotels in the world, the Ice Hotel in Sweden is builds from blocks gathered from the Throne River, in the old village of Jukkasjarvi in Swedish Lapland. Each year, the Ice Hotel has a different design, usually spreading over a space of about 53,700 feet. The Ice Hotel Sweden uses more than 4,000 tons of ice to create the igloo-like structure, and usually features roughly 60 guest rooms. The Ice Hotel Sweden also features a number of other kinds of rooms, including a sauna, a reception hall, a multimedia theatre and an ice chapel for weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies.

Lastly, not only is the entire Sweden Ice Hotel structure made totally of ice, but all of the furniture and most of the decoration found within is also made from ice. Beds at the Sweden Ice Hotel are slabs of solid ice, and chairs are carved from blocks of ice. Statues and other forms of art are carved throughout the hotel, in rooms and in hallways, and tend to be quite ornate. The inside temperature of between -5°C and -8°C is constant despite the conditions outside and is counteracted by your thermal clothing. In addition, for comfort, reindeer skin blankets are draped over beds and chairs to offer moderate warmth. Only the best artists get the chance to work at the Ice Hotel and help create some of the world’s most unique bedrooms and bars. The hotel is a combination of ice engineering and fine art. The Sweden Ice Hotel is open for business beginning in December, depending on the weather, and ending in March.

In conclusion, the features of ice hotels are constantly evolving, as the buildings are re-constructed each year. Heated bathrooms are located near the ice hotel, as are heated cabins for travelers who want to be a part of the action, but not a part of the cold. Costs for an overnight stay range from $300 – $500 per night, depending on the size of your room. If you want to experience the ‘Narnia’ and a fairytale world, be sure to book your stay well in advance, as the popularity of this hotel grows with each new winter season.

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