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Posted by admin January - 27 - 2011 - Thursday

“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.”-

People always say that travelling is something that really misery because it needs us to deal with many things before and after leaving. , ticket, hotel and food. These are some of the stuff that you will be thinking of for your trip. Plus, they say traveling cause you high. All those words come from those who never see and feel the beautiful values of traveling. On the other hand, it means that they do not know how to manage their travel well which make them pressured. Forget the itinerary, lose the preconceptions and make that next trip a life- changing experience. Here are the tips to get yourself out of that travel rut and ensure you to have wonderful trip. The tips are, learn before you land, do not rush, foreign people are people too, and get local.

It is a crucial thing to learn before you land on your travel. There is no excuse to say that it is hard to search the information about the country you are traveling to. We are not living in the 19th century where there is no computer, internet or traveling books. Perhaps now, you could use your iPhone to Google on anything you intend to know at any minute of time. So, use the internet or guidebook which will serve you with plenty of ways in order to learn something about even the most obscure destination before travel there. In fact, it is the best part of traveling. As well as reading the up on some places you would love to go, you also can pick any novel on the book shelf at the of its famous citizen. Let say if you are planning to fly to United Kingdom, so you read about . It depends on your . You might like to source on locally-made music or the foods. From there, you are more familiar with the place and its culture. Then, you will get more enthusiastic about your coming trip instantly. Here are some basics that most people do not know which will make you amazed. Check these on your list: basic geography, the name and rate of the local currency, language and dialects, capital city and major towns, unusual customs and dangers that you might face. All of these will make you to get deeper about your destination.

Why you have to rush on your trip? First thing first, bar this sentence from bursting out of your mouth, “I have to see Y, S and L today because I may not come to this city again”. If you do rush to visit those places in your list, you probably destroy the pleasure of traveling there. In order to vanish off the ‘rush’, you have to learn on how to schedule your trip slowly though you got a short trip planned. Try to prioritize on the sights you adore to see and spend plenty of time there. This include sitting in a museum like the Archaeological Museum of Turkey where it placed a large collection of artifacts, works and arts which belong to the Greek and The Sarcophagus of Alexander the Great or musing on the paintings in the upcoming exhibition, Venice Canaletto and His Rivals this October at the National Art Gallery of London which will present Canaletto’s masterpieces, a great artist from Venice in 1760s. Besides, you can spend your time standing near an Almeria’s Alcazaba, an old castle in south of Spain which was found 90 meters from the city and imagining what was the lives of the local involved. From this, we can conclude that, if you go to Paris, it is not a rule to ascend the Eiffel Tower rather than spend plenty of hours at the Picasso Museum instead. Maybe your friend will think that your trip is not interesting. It is ok. You can share your trip memory with others who really think your trip is fascinating.

Foreign people are people too. What does this mean? Are foreigner monsters? Absolutely not. This mean, while you are traveling, do not stare at the locals who behaved in a manner different to what you used to. Make an effort by chatting around with them. As a traveler with knowledge and education, we have to know that people are extraordinarily similar in every angle of the globe. It is not good to treat the locals like sightseeing objects and most importantly, do not think they are inferior if they do not own a walkman, iPod or they never seen a mobile phone. As to get closer to the locals, learning some of their language is essential to get connected with them. You may buy a phrase finder or a dictionary for travelers which available at any local bookstore or maybe you can buy it before your journey to learn the foreign language. Here are some examples of “Hello” and its pronunciation in foreign word. French- Bonjour (Bonjiu), Spanish-Ola (oh-lah), Lebanese-Marhaba (Mar-kha-ba),Hindi-Namaste (na-mas-te), Vietnamese-Shin Chao (Xin Jao) and Japanese-Konnichiwa (konnichiwa). You may ask any locals in order to get the correct pronunciation of the words. It will be a pleasure for them to teach you their language.

The last tips is to ensure a great experience in your travel is get the local people. One of the precious traveling rules is that there is no good reason for you to eat the same food at the same fast food restaurant which you able to find at home such as Burger King, Mc Donald, J.Co Donuts or Carl’s Junior. Get some tips from a good guide book for a local restaurant or eatery. Eating local exotic dishes will be best for you to give a new taste to your tongue. One example of a strange food that can be found in Southwest America, Mexico, Australia, South Africa and New Guinea is the “Honeypot Ants” or Honey Ants. Those ants are force fed by their kin with nectar and honey or fat from other insects and serve as living storage units. It is like candy with legs. If you ignore the source, it is like a drop of honey. Hold onto its head and bite off the abdomen. The same goes for accommodation. Opt for a quaint bed and breakfast or go to a charming motel that serves you home-cooked meals. You left home for reasons. There is no point for you to replicate the same comforts as home. You travel for the experience. So, surround yourself with them whenever you can.

In a nut shell, the tips make you realize that traveling not only about money, packing your stuff, get a flight ticket or your passport but it want you to understand the value of the journey. Thus, we will be able to feel the ‘juice’ of traveling. By learning before you land, not to rush, mix with foreign people and get local will sure you the exciting on your trip. Travel make a person learn and grow, challenge themselves, stretch the limits and appreciate the world all over.

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