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Posted by admin November - 22 - 2010 - Monday

What will you do when suddenly someone appeared in front of you and gave you a free ticket to New York City? Will you go? Or maybe you would say ‘no thanks’? Emmm..if this situation happening to me, i will absolutely say yes! Now, tell me, who doesn’t enjoy a trip to an extraordinary city like New York. Or people usually call it NYC. New York City is one of ’s greatest cities. They are wonder all around NYC. They are so many attraction that you cannot avoid. If you are City and haven’t got any idea about it, this is the following things that you should do in New York City.

The first place that you should visit is the . Actually the is one of the . It is also the tallest skyscraper in the world. Now it holds the record as the and 15th tallest building in the world. The Empire State Building is visited by millions of tourist a year.

The second place that is an attraction in New York City is the . The is designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and engineered by Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel. This Statue was a gift given to America by France in 1896 symbolizing the friendship between the two countries during America’s war for independence. The Statue is clothed in Roman attire, with one hand holding a torch and the other hand holding a tablet of law. The is located on Liberty Island.

The third place that you should do is visited the . The is a focal point at the world famous and gigantic beautifully decorated Christmas tree during the holiday season. The Rockefeller is one of the most famous . This is the place where Saturday Night Live and The Today Show are filmed.

central park, new york

The forth place that you should visit when you are in NYC is Central Park. Central Park offers a wide variety of activities, attractions and exhibits. Central Park is located in Uptown Manhattan, separating the Upper Eastside and Westside. They are several sports that you can do there, such as basketball, baseball and volleyball. They are a lot of playground and jogging trails with a wildlife center and children’s zoo. They are also other activities include concerts, horseback riding, rock climbing and several exhibits.

And the last things that you should do when you are in New York City is, you should visited the and Broadway. For big lights and theatre action you should head over to . is famous for large illuminated signs and for the yearly New Years Eve Ball Drop. They are several restaurant and shops there. Not only that, is the location where Good Morning America is broadcasted live. Broadway is located at the Theatre District. Shows usually run Tuesday through Sunday. Visitors will have the choice of attending a Broadway, Off-Broadway, or Off-Off Broadway show.

They are so much things that you can do while you are in New York City. You just have to make a list of it and enjoyed the trip. NYC is a city that never sleeps. So, there are a lot of stuff that you can do and make it a memorable trip of all times.

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