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Posted by admin December - 16 - 2010 - Thursday

Travelling is the most exciting experience for one who had go through a long and tiring weeks, or months or maybe, years! Travel planning could be the most important plays in your exciting travelling days because without planning, your journey might end up with terrifying disaster. Forgetting even a single thing that you will need in your journey might also distract your happiness while enjoying new experience in a foreign places. Now, a bunch of important accessories that is needed during your travelling time are listed very accurately, a complete and helpful list, are as below.

A digital camera, is surely listed at the top of the gadgets that you should never forget to bring. Thinking that you will be wandering around, and discover new figures, buildings, land, or even a unique clown will be incomplete without your camera to record them in. Listed second after a digital camera is your MP3 player. What a boring and dull day without being accompanied by music and songs. As a human being, I, myself confessed that music leave a big impact to every minutes in my life. So, while watching a sunny morning in a new lands outside your vehicles, music could bring you into souls that is unusual and suprisingly it fits you with whatever you’ll be watching next.

Third, do not forget to bring your emergency mobile charger. Otherwise, you will face a lot of trouble to communicate either with the people near you, or maybe your classmates, colleagues and your parents. Remember that your cell phone needs to be charged from time to time to make sure that the battery stay alive! An also very important gadget, is a Universal plug adaptor. Say you are travelling overseas and reaching a country which uses different sockets than the one in your country. A universal plug adaptor will play it’s part very effectively.

Now, what if you were trapped in a dark place and look out for things that is kept inside your tight backpack? That is where a headlamp is much needed. Another gadget that will caused chaos without being prepared for your travel. But make sure you bring a slightly headlamp with bright light so that its easier for you to insert it anywhere near you. Next in the list is, a GPS watch. Travelling in a foreign places with no acquintances is quite challenging especially when you have no idea about the road and are not familiar with the landmarks. By having your techno-map besides you, your journey will be easier and you can reach your destination on the time. Besides that, you can also find the direction of prayer when its time to pray.

Talking about praying, you should never forget your pray mat and the other needed equipment so that you will not miss your prayers while travelling. Your prayers is not a small issue as His bless can smooth a journey no matter wherever you’re heading to. Even to the end of the world, it is His bless that will make it true. Not to forget a quick-dry towel. Say that your journey will be prolonged to days or weeks. A quick-dry towel must be so useful when you have to take a bath, you will just need to grab things up and get ready at the fastest minutes you can afford to.

Travelling, a great experience because the journey itself taught a lot of new lessons and drew variety in your life. Now, don’t forget to bring those said accessories so that your journey will stay happy and memorable. Happy travelling people!

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