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Tips For Air Travel Rules: Are They Different With Children?

Posted by admin May - 12 - 2010 - Wednesday

jom melancong - travel with children

Are you going to travel alone or with family? Or are you going to vacation by flight or other transportation? If you travel by family and will be flying on airplane, you have to the right web. When traveling especially a long distance with your children, airplanes can be the quickest way to get to your destination. Hence, there are some regulations you need to follow because sometimes, when it comes to air travel rules and children, many parents get confused. Many parents mistakenly believe that their child is exempt from all air travel rules including airport security checkpoints. But the true is these assumptions are automatically wrong.

jom melancong - travel with children

In other meaning, if you are planning on traveling with your child, they will not receive a free pass. This means that they also must undergo the same screening process. Although, all the process screening will be going through, it will be not the same for children. It maybe a little bit different. Parents have to play their roles in order to do some preparation to make sure that you and your family don’t have any problem during the airport screening process.

First of all, as a parents you have to explain the air rules to your child or children before travel. You must know the correct way to explain so that your children can understand the screening process because it depends on their age. So, it is very important to make sure your child can identify and know the rules during entering the metal detectors. If your child can walk, they are encouraged to go through them alone. You have to make sure that, the clothes that they wearing don’t have any metal material that can make the alarm sound. If the alarm on the metal detector does sound, your child will be pulled aside, just like everyone else had.

Besides that, as parents, you have to explain to them, what is allowed and what is not allowed on the airplane. Child likes to take a drink with them but recently, there was a ban imposed on liquids and carryon luggage. There are a few exceptions, namely baby formula, child likely to have a beverage drink. But for this time, child is not allowed to bring any drink because they should be provided with one as soon as they board the plane. Moreover, it is also advised to let them know that some of their toys may need to be left at home. These toys may include ones that are large, have sharp objects or appear as if they are real weapons.

As previously mention, child’s age play an important part during explanations. Older children or teenagers, completely understanding what their parents have say but for small kids, they will understand in other way. If you are afraid that your toddler does not comprehend what you are saying, it is a good idea if you can come to the airport earlier than recommended. You can explain to your child by watch other passengers during the screening process. This is the better way to make your child understand.

Besides that, it is important thing to make sure that your child understands that they are not joke about having a bomb or any other weapon on an airplane. Sometimes, airport security becomes a serious issue when many people assume it as a joke including some children. As previously mentioned, when it comes to air travel children receive the same attention as adults do. In other word, if your child overheard making a joke on the plane that may cause some security concerns, it is likely that the whole family will be quarantine and will be removed from the plane and detained by airport security until the situation has been resolved.

If you bear in mind about the above discussed, you and your child will not have any problem during travel using airplane. Even if you feel that your child is mature for their age, it still a good idea to remind them always not only for the sake of your trip, but for their own safety as well.

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