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Many people love to travel. Travel doesn’t limit to the healthy person only but for those who are disabling, they also can travel in the airplane. By the way, it is not possible for the disability person to go abroad too. Here are some of the tips for the disable person to go travel by airplane because there a lot of preparation needs to do before going to travel. Moreover, if you are not disable, maybe you can just be prepared because if you are travelling with someone else who has one, you shouldn’t worried about that. This preparation does not just include packing your bags for the trip only, but it is also includes familiarizing yourself with air travel rules. Although maybe there some rules that look the same but you will find out the different in some other rules for those who have a medical condition or a disability.

Firstly, if there someone in the trip that is disabled, you need to inform the airline. When making your reservation, you may want to inform the airline staff of any disability or medical condition that you may have because if anything happen, airline staff know what to do. Although this is not necessary, it may be a good idea especially if you will be traveling with medical equipment. Besides that, for those who with wheelchairs or mobility scooters, extra accommodations will need to be make during traveling and past airport security checkpoints. This is to make sure your travel plans run as smoothly as possible.

In other hand, it is a good idea to familiarize you with the airport screening process. All individuals will need to go through medical detectors. If you or someone that you know is traveling with medical equipment that will set off the alarms, it is likely that they will be pulled aside for additional screening. This screening will do by a trained professional who show compassion and only take a few minutes when dealing with those with a disability. Unlike most other air travelers, those with a disability can leave their shoes on if they choose to do so.  However, it is important to note that you may be subject to additional screening. To avoid this additional screening, you are advised to remove your shoes. If you are unable to do so, it will not be a big ordeal. Hence, the additional screening often requires a quick swipe of metal detector wand.

Moreover, most airports have made special arrangements and exceptions for those who have a medical condition, especially for the one that requires medication at specific time. Those who are depends on your medication, they are require to keep it in small amounts in your carryon luggage but since current ban of liquids, you are advised to have  the proper medical identification. This means that you have to make sure to keep your medicine in the original package that provide from doctor where we can see your name is right on it. To be allowed for the next check point, your name will have to match the name of the prescription bottle. If it is not, there will be a chance that you will have your medication confiscated.

As for the conclusion, if you or your travelling partners have followed the rules and regulation for those who have a medical condition or a disability, they should be able to make it to your intended destination. You can contact the airline in which you will be flying on or the airport that you will be leaving from if are unsure about particular screening procedure or if you have some questions to ask. Planning first is the best way to make sure your next flight will run smoothly and make your vacation a memorable time you even had.

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