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The Great Land of Alaska

Posted by admin December - 5 - 2010 - Sunday

The great land of . What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you hear the word ? Do you think of a land full of ice? Do you think that it is a country that is very cold for you to live in? What do you really know about other than ice and snow? There are many things that many don’t know about , here are a few things about that makes it so great.

Alaska located in north western region of North America, being the biggest state there but also, has the least populated state in the country. In most countries, we are all suffering from pollution and have trouble trying to stop pollution, in Alaska the country is untouched by us humans and because of that Alaska is still amazing to this day. The breath taking landscapes that our ancestors once saw can still be seen, no words can be used to explain the beauty of Alaska.

Visitors from other country like to visit Alaska during the summer, not just because during that time it is warmer but because what Alaska has to offer during the summer. During the summer, photographers is able to enjoy twenty-four hours of sunlight allowing them to capture beautiful photos and for tourist, it is the best time to visit because certain parts of Alaska offer many types of . Such as eagles, moose, grizzly bears, seals and even whales. Tourist can visit the park and have opportunity to meet and take photographs of these creatures.

During the winter on the other hand, is the time where most visitors would like to avoid Alaska. This is because Alaska with be in darkness for months and the temperature can fall below 0 F, but despite being cold and dark there are people who actually love Alaska during the winter. This is because during winter when it is at its coldest and darkest something so beautiful appears out of nowhere. Winter is the time of the year where the lights can be seen, it only appear when Alaska is going through the longest days without the sun and temperature so cold, but the view is worth it. The colors of the lights will take the words right out of your mouth.

Last of all, in Alaska we get to see and live in a different culture. Alaska consists of people called the . is one of the oldest types of culture there is, it is a culture that has been living for more than a thousand years. The way they live and hunt for food has not change, even during the coldest of nights they hunt. These Eskimos hunt seals and also whales.

There is a lot more to say about Alaska that makes it so great, but what’s the use if I was to write everything here? Then it would ruin the surprise and also the greatness of Alaska. Want to know more about Alaska? Then get up from where ever you are reading this and go buy a ticket to Alaska, be the first to taste “The Great Land of Alaksa.”

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